Magic Jonhson’s son Earvin Johnson III is coming to reality TV.

According to reports, the basketball legend’s only son will be featured on a new E! series titled “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.” As the title suggests, the show will follow five young adults as they flaunt their wealth and designer bags on camera.

“You’ll see me doing the absolute worst with all my crazy friends,” E.J. said during a recent hosting gig on E!’s Fashion Police.

As we reported earlier, the 20-year-old NYU student came out of the closet earlier this year and his family publicly supported him.

“I don’t care about the backlash, if somebody doesn’t agree, that’s just tough on them. I’m gonna love my son until the end,” Magic told The Grio. “He has a right to decide who he wants to be, who he wants to date, and who he wants to marry, and he has decided that that’s a man, and that’s okay by us.”

“I always wanted to come into the spotlight,” E.J. added. “I always had dreams and plans of doing my own thing and creating my own image, so it came a little sooner than I thought it would but this is still something I knew I would be going through and would have to experience.”

Looks like this will be the younger Johnson’s time to shine. Do you plan to tune in?

Magic johnson coco

5 thoughts on “Magic Johnson’s Son EJ Lands New Reality Series On E!

  1. dcbrother4u on said:

    Is anyone sure this kid was not adopted b/c he looks nothing like Magic or Cookie and apparently has no athleticism or taste in men. Maybe the HIV virus or the medications did something to Magic’s sperm. I hope his show has more appeal than the Magic Show did, so I will check it out. Maybe his friends will encourage his to make going to the gym a segment of the show and make things more interesting; not just his outrageous fashion. BTW, he’s Magic’s only son by Cookie; Magic does have an older son whose is happily married to a woman and looks fit, and looks a lot more like a Magic product than this kid.

  2. SayWhat on said:

    People will tune in because flamboyant over the top personalities do well on TV and he looks like he fits the bill. A lot of people will probably be laughing at him and not with him. This show will be something that he will look back on when he’s older and say what the hell I was thinking. He’s another person who wants to be famous for absolutely nothing.

  3. silly786 on said:

    What is the point of ANOTHER reality show of people flaunting their riches and acting badly? Really?? Ugh!! Stop the madness!!!

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