Wow! TMZ is reporting former NBA star Stephon Marbury has officially paid the remainder of the money he owed Thurayyah Mitchell, who is the personal chef he cheated on his wife with back in 2006.

Marbury had a legal agreement with Mitchell stating that she would not speak on the affair but it would cost Stephon $900,000 in order to keep her quiet.

For quite a while everything was okay…but when Marbury stopped paying Mitchell after forking over more than half a million dollars, she drug him into to court and sued him for the remainder of the balance. A judge ordered him to pay off his balance or he would lose some of his assets to make up for  it!

According to new court docs, Marbury has now paid the full outstanding debt of $341,153 and all is square once and for all. He has now paid her about a cool million to keep her mouth shut about stuff that she has already told the entire planet. Yikes!

While this sounds crazy we can actually see a silver lining for Marbury here..she can’t blackmail him for any more money than what she got. He could have paid her that money below the board and then when he stopped paying at the $900,000 mark she may have decided to blackmail him for even more!

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