Jomiloju Tunde-Oladipo, a nine-year-old Nigerian recently became one of the world’s youngest certified Microsoft Office Specialists for Office Word 2010, according to the Nigerian Tribune. Tunde-Oladipo broke the record of a fellow Role Model School student, Seyi-Ojo Anjolaoluwa who became a Microsoft certified professional at the age of 10.

Tunde-Oladipo took the exam when he was in the 5th year of primary school after passing all the preparatory stages with flying colors. This young genius scored 769 points, 69 points higher than the 700 point requirement to be recognized as a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS). The young man also received training from United Global Resources Ltd, an accredited ICT training firm.

Before setting this new record in Nigeria for the exam, Tunde-Oladipo led his school to glory in June 2013, by winning an ICT quiz competition where 15 schools participated in Lagos.

While most of these accomplishments sound like German to us, we know impressive youth when we meet them! Yay for Jomiloju Tunde-Oladipo! We can’t wait to see where he goes!


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