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During a recent taping of  her show, Wendy Williams began stumbling over her words and was quite shaken up about it.

Many hosts have fumbled through their lines before, even forgetting the words altogether, but Wendy took her struggle extremely hard.

After finishing the set, Wendy was backstage signing off when she began to break down in tears.

“If I hadn’t eaten breakfast, I would’ve said because I was hungry. But I started to feel weird out there,” a worried Wendy said. “First time this ever happened. I felt really, really weird today.”

Wendy truly prides herself on keeping her composure and staying on top of her words and ability to communicate effectively with her audience.

“I’m a pretty clean talker that stuttering it happens once, it happens twice. After a few times I’m looking at me. ‘What are you having, a stroke?’” she added. “I was doing my best to hold myself together.”