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This Adrian Peterson secret love child beating death story has been really bothering me.

Bothering me obviously because the boy was just two-years-old and was allegedly beaten to death by his mom’s boyfriend, who was not the child’s father.

Bothering me also because the dead boy’s father is Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson, an NFL MVP, who appears to be more MIA, than MVP.

The child’s death is certainly tragic.  And I feel bad for all of those who loved him. But like many people out there, I’m struggling with how to feel about his dad, Adrian Peterson because; although Peterson allegedly didn’t know definitively that the boy was his until a few months ago. A few months are not a few weeks, not a few days. A few months are a few months.  That’s a long time.

Peterson is reported to have said that when he found out, he quote, supercharged his efforts to be a part of the boy’s life.

But within those months, Peterson never met the boy. The boy was never flown to meet him for the weekend. He never flew to meet the boy on one of his days off.

Does that sound like supercharged to you?

Again I’m not judging, I’m just asking.

Peterson didn’t meet the boy until he lay in a hospital bed on life support and now the next time he’ll see him is at his funeral in South Dakota.

Sure, Adrian Peterson is a busy guy with training camp, he’s got games, and he travels a lot.

BUT, he’s also a man of means, multi-million dollar contracts and it’s logical to assume that he can afford to bring the child to him if he couldn’t go to the child.

The sad thing is that this little 2-year old boy is not alone.

The cold hard fact is that children of single parents have a 77 percent greater risk of being harmed by physical abuse than children living with both parents.  That’s according to the National Incidence Study.

And many kids in single parent households are physically and or sexually abused by their mother’s boyfriends or acquaintances, the men who come and go who have no connection to the child.

Adrian Peterson, 28-years-old, who by the way is not married, yet according to published reports, may have up to seven children with multiple women.

They are consenting adults and they are free to have as many children as they want, I’m not judging him and I am not judging the adults involved.

But whether they realize it or not, they are responsible for those children’s lives and the trajectory of those children’s lives before they even leave mommy’s body.

And while it is indeed heartbreaking for Adrian and the baby’s mother; imagine the pain that, that child suffered and many like him suffer across the country every single day. Even as I speak now because mommy or daddy aren’t present, they don’t know what’s going on in their children’s lives.

Parental responsibility is important.

Personal responsibility is key.

Think before you decide to have a child, just because you can have one, it doesn’t mean that you should. I always say you should plan for a child or stop having them out-of-wedlock.

Don’t take my word for it; the silence of that little 2-year-old boy, the little dead boy, speaks volumes.

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79 thoughts on “DON LEMON: Adrian Peterson ‘Seems More MIA, Than MVP’

  1. Don Lemon, I heard your commentary on Adrian Peterson on my way to work one morning, although I agreed with everything that you said. I have one problem with it, you are not the appropriate person to say anything about anyone in the news venue, whether it is on TV or the radio. It seemed to me that you had an agenda in making your commentary, like trying to get something off of your chest because of some wrong done to you personally. Please get the full facts about a story before you choose to put the spotlight on someone else life. You are not in a position nor the right person to try and dis someone due to what you hear or may have heard about an individual. I did not hear you make a commentary on the racist behavior of CNN when one news reporter posted, by mistake, some racist musical remarks on their show. Or are you too afraid of to challenge the “Bullies” on CNN, or are they too big to be challenged?

  2. on said:

    What the hell MIA! as a man in this country you might ass well get nutured! The woman want it both ways or all for that matter. Point one you work your azz off save your money get maried get divorced you lose everything! say what then don’t get divorced but how can you not when most of the woman out there are conrol freaksand just want to spend your money and play bingo. Point two you have a babby mama you pay out the azz in chiled support but at least ya have a kid and maybe some money in the future to give em. Biological speaken a man is going to have a kid or ya genes die out. It makes me sick when I see thease women control every aspect of a man and the courts, law ,police might as well sit back a drink a beer. If AD kills that SOB he goes down like the rest of us.

    • Yolanda on said:

      I’m not trying to belittle black men, because that’s not what I’m about. However, regarding the comment about black men getting screwed over when paying child support and spousal support — let’s be realistic. How many people know of black couples where the man out earns the woman? There are some, but the reality is that most sistas are the breadwinners in the household. In the state where I live, to calculate child support the court adds the income of both parents together and then determines child support based on how they believe expenses would be handled if the parents were still together. In my case, I am the custodial parent and the judge ruled that I cover 80% of my daughter’s financial expenses. Her Dad was supposed to cover 20%. For years he complained nonstop to everyone about how he’s paying sooo much money for child support with no regard for the actual expenses involved in caring for a child. So, after he had another child and got married, he took me back to court to get his support requirement reduced to less than 10% and he asked if I could refund him a portion of the payments that he’s made over the years! I hear men complain all the time about how much they pay for child support, but never think twice about how much the Mom is spending to care for the child or what it actually costs to take care of a child. What he has paid over the years is literally pennies compared to what I have paid…complaint free.

      • on said:

        No offence Yoanda but it seems to me it be to the womans advantage to have several baby by diferent men in your state. For example you get the max for each one by my calculation. Because baby one by dady one is worth say 15% but if ya have baby 2 by same papa you only get 20% for two where if you have another daddy you get a full 15% and that equal a full 30% for two kids and so on. The problem with this is kids are not a comdity or to be used like one if that be the case we mise well go back in time and that is not what want ether.

      • Yolanda on said:

        No offense taken, because it doesn’t apply to me. How is it in a woman’s favor if it takes $2500 a month to financially support a child, the Dad is paying $200 a month and she’s paying $2300 a month. Then if she had another child by a different guy and it takes another $2300 a month to take care of that child and he’s paying $100 or $200 per month how is that to her benefit? She is paying much more than he and he’s bragging and complaining about the crumbs that he’s paying in comparison. What I see happening repeatedly is (a) many Dad’s have no clue what it costs to support their children and don’t care, and (b) are so concerned about the woman’s finances that they would rather do little to nothing to help support their children.

      • on said:

        You must live high on the hog up there in New York or somthing. Cause in my small town in Se Oklahoma no baby cost that much unless he or she is a rich kid hell I only live off $1,800 a month working on a ranch and still have some left over to pay for a night or two out. Even my old Republican Congressman JC. Wats had him a few kids before he played at OU just like AD at least we can do two things right here in Oklahoma play football and start at young age. May be thats why JC never ran for president I don’t know.

  3. Dan Woodward on said:

    This article is based on unfounded assumptions. Don Lemon has been getting trashed for this piece by other people in the media. Don, do you really know ANYTHING about the situation? Stop hurting lives with rampant, irresponsible speculation.

  4. As a single parent of two males who are now adults, I can tell you that it is no easy task. I did not receive child support, could not tie a tie, and was clueless about how to raise boys. I ALWAYS had two, sometimes three jobs, and was often exhausted to the point where my health was at risk.

    Add to that the fact that ‘opportunists’ who knew my situation were always lurking and waiting for a segway to “help out with those boys.” I totally agree with Don’s comments. It is still a man’s world, and if you don’t believe it, try raising sons all by yourself. Unless you are wealthy, or well-connected, you will find yourself relying on the kindnesses of others, and fending off those who mean you no good.

    It is just plain wrong to leave a woman to fend for herself while raising children – especially black male children because they come into the world with two strikes against them….add to that being fatherless, and you have three!

  5. Nanci Moore on said:

    My daughters’ father is a Wharton MBA, phi beta kappa and hasn’t seen his girls in two years. Deadbeats come in all colors, economic, educational backgrounds.

  6. ….stop child abuse isn’t a racial issue it’s an issue with sad humans of all shades. The hell is wrong with you. Shall we really go down the list of abused and neglected children because those numbers are not racially or economically bias. Let us not forget of the children who’s abuse isn’t reported. Of alllll races. This ethnocentrism needs to stop. Also since when is physical abuse the only type of abuse what happens to the children of two parent house holds that are mentally and emotionally abused. Seeing as he’s a gay male perhaps he should think about those who come out to their homo hating ass parents. Parents with high incomes who’s children have better relationships with teachers and sitters than their own parents. Seriously he is an ass trying to get attention, how about those women who make a choice NOT TO GET MARRIED YET HAVE A CHILD, don’t see many sperm banks (fertility clinics) shutting down do you? Just stop please stop, or adopt a bunch of these poor children and YOU raise them “correctly”.

    • It is a racial issue though Krystal. If a child is 70 % more likely to be physically or sexually abused because he/she is in a single parent household, and roughly 75% of black children are raised in a single (mother) parent household how is that not a racial issue?? Enough of this its not a “race issue”. You liberals love to make things a race issue but when there actually is hard racial evidence for something that is negative then all of sudden you guys bring up that child abuse happens in white household and other mute points. All these handouts, all this propping up of the black community has done nothing but destroy it. Did you know in 1950 if you were black (of any gender) you were more likely to be married than your white counterparts? Hmmm what has changed since then o ya the wonderful civil rights act that was brought to you by racist democrats. Wake up this is not working, and it will never work its time for the black community to focus on their shattered family life and stop pointing the finger elsewhere. O and before you try to profile me I am a white male, 20s, of lower middle income wealth (check to check not going to bed hungry but not going on that school ski trip either). Both my parents where in my life, and we have never received a single dime from the government, o and I am an african studies major at a major 4 year university so I do know a little about which i speak.

  7. Your funny…I guess because people don’t act/react the way you want them to or expect them to it gives you grounds to question their motives…I guess using your reasoning I would ask, what does it matter to you? There thousands …millions of people who are murdered everyday, but you focus on a single case which no one has any real facts about to exploit them for your own perverse career building. I guess we can assert you don’t care about the story the dead child or anyone other than your own sociopathic needs.

  8. Do you have kids? Have you ever dated someone with kids for that matter? What makes you better than AP? As an African American male we need to do more suppporting each other than these types of articles, along with countless other atrousoties that we commit among each other, but “im not judging”. Unless you know the full complete story instead of prying into someones life for media hits you should not be throwing rocks and hiding your hand. Would you have this convo with AP face to face? Consider also the feelings of the child’s mother at a time while the family is grieving they have to read the opinions of people like you that probably have never experienced any type of hardship before and have been spoonfed their whole life “Im not judging”. If you would have been through any thing or lost someone you would know better than this and let them grieve in peace. To soon man, but I’d expect this from someone that probably has no connect to the black community but is still its face and voice on national television. Ha what a joke!

  9. Douglas Williams on said:

    You’re not judging? You must think idiots read your pieces, if you think ANYONE would believe that assertion.

    Don, I am saddened by what seems to be a conscious decision on your part to become a part of the “make money by taking every opportunity to confirm white America’s stereotypes of the black community” industry.I am insulted that you seem to think that if a black person does something somewhat questionable, it is a “cause” of racism, and if “we” would just “be better,” racism would somehow cease to exist. Do you also think rape victims should examine what they did to bring the assault on themselves?

    The bottom line is Mr. Peterson is an imperfect human being, as are we all. His son, who’s existence he very recently was made aware of, was KILLED by an abusive creep. Have some respect on a HUMAN level.

    Do me a favor? Go get a really expensive glass of scotch with Dr. Carson and take several seats.

  10. Angelicque McQueen on said:

    Seems this site is only to bash black males …there’s mexican boxers far far worse …really two months is nothing compared to 14 years Why must a tragedy happen before you’ll bring awareness to this issue

  11. Angelicque McQueen on said:

    You think two months is long?
    Oscar de la hoyas son been waiting to meet his dad for 14 years…
    Truly you don’t care if these heroes are apart of their child’s life or not… why must one of them die before you point your shame on you finger…go after the ones you can make a DIFFERENCE to… good luck getting past their agents, managers, attorneys, and handlers…

  12. blowin smoke on said:

    I may have read most of the comments. What I take away from them is that no one person is responsible and it’s better not to point fingers. We all need to be responsible for our children, whether we are married working couples, single parents or wealthy athletes. We need to care about all children in the community and make it a better place to nurture the next generation.

    For any of you who are interested, Big Brothers & Big Sisters is a great way to help a child. Currently there are tons of women volunteers and not so many little sisters signed up, but the organization really needs Big Brothers. The commitment is roughly twice a month for a year.

  13. Wait a minuet! Its not AP’s fault that the child died, what about that trifling mother sleeping around with everybody, having everyone around her kids??!!! What about her, she just told him about the child 2/3 months ago so he has to get adjusted to it all. In the meantime she has 24/7 parental rights, it is 100% her fault! Don Lemon needs to chill he has no idea what he’s talking about

  14. I am very upset listening to this crap interview. Don’t judge this man just because he is in the NFL, they are millions of other people in this world things like this to kids. I hate people like this Don guy get a real job and stop judging people i am sure that you have skeletons of your own!!!!!

  15. FIFTY AND PHUNE on said:

    Don a father in Atlanta beat his OWN son to death after his child died. So is his ex-wife responsible for this man killing his OWN 12 year old son. Stop trying to blame single women for the ills of the world and leave the man off the hook. It could happen to any of us married or single. You don’t know the situation and he didn’t have to report to you to let you know what he was doing every minute of the day. How would you feel if you had to report your whereabouts every minute of the day. A lot of these women play money games and use the child as a pawn by saying you are not going to see your child until you give me what I want.

    • Regan D. on said:

      The first comment is a close to my own opinion. Anyone here that thinks AP is being unfairly thought of, is letting each and every man who keeps donating sperm to women they wouldn’t give their credit card to, off the hook.
      There isn’t a woman alive who’d be able to force a man NOT to use birth control if he didn’t want to.
      Sports figures, knowing their wealth and fame might attract gold diggers or WHATEVER, are impossibly incautious about where they spread their seed with unprotected sex.
      And it’s not just about unwed pregnancies and multiple children suffering inattentive fathers.
      Magic Johnson got HIV from being promiscuous and it’s just blind dumb luck he didn’t infect his wife, and the one child she got pregnant with.
      My heart will ALWAYS go out to those children born of reckless, unthinking and selfish people. Whose only concern was having unprotected sex and damn the consequences. Especially to the child.
      This poor little baby boy died horrifically, and suffered for a long time before finally passing.
      Shame on every goddamn adult that didn’t do right by him in his pathetically short life.

  16. What about children that are born in wedlock and one or both of the parents are absent mentally or emotionally? What about the two parent household where the parents don’t know what in the hell the children are doing and could careless as long as they don’t disturb mommy or daddy or both? Take a good look at high society and those brats that have everything you think you want and all of the “love and attention” you think they are getting and they commit unspeakable acts against others? Mendez Brothers anyone. Just because someone is born in wedlock doesn’t make the situation any better either. I know several people that come from abusive homes with a parent or parents that either abuse each other, the children, themselves or one on the other and more. Being born in wedlock has nothing to do with someone’s moral character. If you don’t care and are heartless then that is just your character. don Lemon can just shut up on this topic unless he would like to add statistics from every race and not just ours and remember there are bad apples in every bunch.

    • I hear you – I have seen in my work that the boyfriend can be more important to mom than the child. it’s sad when she hooks up with a loser. often she sees the signs long before the child is killed or maimed, and closes her eyes to it.

      • Kimmy you are so right. Many women put men before their children. I have seen first hand where married women treat the men better than their children and they allow these men to abuse them and the children. This is a tragedy, but it is not limited to the Black community. This and single parenthood is a wide spread epidemic and if someone only sees it as a black community issue then they need to get out of their limited life and see the world. A family living not far from me is going through a tragic situation as well and they are white. The father is and has been abusing the wife and children for years. He is a big executive at a bank and he has been sexually and physically abusing their biological daughter for years and she finally spoke to a teacher and he has been arrested.. These people are white. Who is screaming at this mother? She is just as guilty as this woman that allowed her baby to be killed.

    • Yolanda on said:

      Well said. You took the words straight out of my mouth. People tend to stereotype single parents, which is truly unfortunate. Anyone can become a single parent at any time for various reasons. I am a single parent and have many folks hating on the fact that I don’t fit their negative stereotypes. I have more money than most two-income households, I don’t have to answer to anyone, I have my little one with me 24/7 and there are no random guys running in and out of my house. A relationship status does not change my moral values.

  17. RaeMon on said:

    Don, as a black man that was born out of wedlock. Your mother had an affair with a married man, and conceived you, per her choice. Most of us did not criticize you for being Gay, with is a sin. Yet, you want to take shots and berate Peterson, for the lack of his involvement with his child. He’ wrong and your not?? Okay, come again Don. Before you go off the handle, creating a buz at African American fathers, check yourself, and your lifestyle first.

    • Rae: Pleeeez stop with the “sin” reference. I’m so tired of holier than thou so called christians who act like they are perfect

    • Regan D. on said:

      Oh please with the anti gay screed! Gay men and women don’t add to the millions of children who live in poverty, who are abandoned to foster care and the welfare rolls the rest of us are forced to pay.
      If anything, compassionate gay adults try to ease that burden by adopting children who are difficult to place in stable homes. At least it takes a lot more consideration, patience, money and qualifications for gay parents to have children.
      I WISH more heterosexuals were so.
      Be grateful for gay people. THEIR tax dollars go into the welfare state too.
      And being gay isn’t a lifestyle. It’s a sexual orientation and every human alive has one.
      What matters is how you treat another person with it and evidently too many heterosexual men can’t be counted on to commit to the people THEY CHOOSE to have children with.
      A tiny little child was MURDERED!
      It happens all the time, by their own parents, or someone who chose to enter their lives. Too shamefully often and your holier than thou attitude ain’t helping.

  18. Clint Eastwood has a lot of children by 5 different omen. Donald Trump has several children by 3-4 different women. That damn Elizabeth Whore Taylor had several children by different men. Place the blame on that person’s morals not the whole damn race and community. I could go on with other famous white stars, but why bother. Oh Well, Larry Bird has no relationship at all with one of his out of wedlock daughters.

    • J. Dot on said:

      What does that have to do with anything about how Adrian Peterson is being a father to his child???? Are we talking about Clint Eastwood, Elizabeth Taylor. So what you are saying is that it is okay??? You sound like a damn moron!

    • Tanya McDonald on said:

      Thank You Mr.Lemon!!Please do not pay that much attention to those that disagree with you, because that do not know from which they speak. They are waiting for scandal to come on, because that is from which they speak. .

  19. CNN is the least watched Cable News Channel and Don Lemon has the least watched show on CNN. Why does “anyone” care what Don Lemon has to say about “anything” He’s a jerk with a lot of self hatred.

    • I’m trying to figure out why you say Don has “self hatred,” and what that has to do with the article he wrote? Dang a man can’t even write an article without the focus coming back on him.

  20. Samuel on said:

    Okay Don, we know you’re gay, we know you out. Living proof that children need a father. So I can attack anyone now. I’m done…good day sir!!

    • Sam: “we know you out”….what kind of English is that? At any rate your comment is helping to fuel the stereotyping of (some) Black people being some of the most homophobic people in the world. Is your manhood challenged by a gay male? If you aren’t gay…..why would it concern you that he’s gay? And not having a father has nothing to do with someone being gay. I know people that are gay that grew up with, and some without a father in the home.

      • Hey Joy, I guess you never spoke with a white Evangelical huh? Read up on conservatives vies of the gay community before you throw all black people under the bus.

      • Joy, you must be another large woman with gay men for friends. Is that better english for you? Don Lemon would grow a bulge in his pants if Adrian Peterson was to look at him. He decided to make AP the poster boy for absent fathers even though the man didn’t know he had a son. Don Lemon needs to man up. If that’s possible.

  21. This is a tragic situation. We cannot just blame one person in this situaiton, there were two people in this situation. We as mothers are going to have to start being more aware of who we let around our children, it is our job to protect and nuture our children and to learn this is not about us, but about our children a 2 year cant help themselves, we as parents that is our job, this was not the first time this man has done this to a child, the mother should have known his background, this baby was failed from the time he was born, both men and women need to stop jumping into bed together at first sight and start being more responsible, we dont know the situation between mom and dad, we dont know if he tried to see is son and mom would not let him until or after he paid money, we just dont know, all he know is this baby is no longer her on earth for someone to misue or abuse anymore. Everyone needs to stop judging and pray that this stops happening to our children

  22. Live Die on said:

    It’s amazing that in these comments you speak of race. Don’t you watch the news? White children are being harmed due to neglect in their homes at an alarming rate as well. This should not be about race. this should be about all the children that are dying due to being physically and sexually abused by the men their moms allow in their lives (not just black, white, etc).

    I am ashamed of you all, you embarass the human race!

    • blowin smoke on said:

      I, too, am appalled at this being treated as a racial problem when it is, clearly, a human problem. I mentioned this in my own earlier post. As the HUMAN race we need to treat children tenderly, but with loving, firm discipline. This is the only way to shape our world so it is the best it can be. We have no other place to live and we all live with others.

    • To Live and blown: After all…..This is “” which has always tackled issues relevant to the Black community, and I hope they continue to do so. I don’t recall anyone saying, or thinking that similar issues don’t happen in other cultures. If you want to discuss what white people do…I would suggest going over to

      • Amen Joy. i get tired of this nonsense from Black folks. I visit a lot of boards and I never read Whites challenge how White another person is because they disagree with them. I’m glad Don called Adrian out. It’s disgusting. I work with kids in my free time. I see the damage fatherless boys suffer through. Yeah Adrian can cut some fat checks (for how long who knows?) Yeah he can fly them in once a year and take cute pics and post them on Facebook but most of the year he is a no show.

      • I guess we just forget about the millions of women who lay down and have sex with these men???

  23. It’s just so sad that the only comments this guy made were about HIS feelings, his plan, his loss, his game and his strength. Any father would have first asked for prayers for his son and that the Lord wraps him safe in His arms. I knew something was fishy when I didn’t see any comments from him about the baby’s mother’s loss or the loss of those that truly loved him in this short time on this earth. He didn’t give a crap about anyone else but himself! Screw him.

  24. I agree with Don on this issues. the fact that he met his 2 year old son on his deathbed is a telling statement. I don’t blame him for the child’s death, that on the boyfriend and mother, but to know even know you child is shameful. It is not black bashing it is simply the truth. We talk about the black athletes because it is they are the ones we care about. Just because he can has sex with all these women doesn’t mean he should. Yes they women are looking at the dollar sign, but doesn’t he know that and shouldn’t he have enough sense to protect himself. Finally we do know that AIDS and other STDs are alive and well. If he catches something and comes crying on tv should we feel sorry?

  25. ncatina on said:

    It has long been time someone regularly affiliated w/the TJMS to actually have the balls to say what needs to be said—for which the topic at hand makes the commentary quite obvious. The issue of the high OOW births/mass black male abandonment of black & mixed-race children they help produce is nothing new, albeit today’s approach to this scourge is a badly-needed breath of fresh air.
    As the outlaid facts revealed, Adrian Peterson is not the model citizen for which far too many black people with the blackistani construct would have people to believe. By virtue of this dumbass having knocked up multiple women to produce SEVEN children across different regions before age 30, is hideous. Yet, the common, ni**restock mentality is more content to tell people to “not judge” AP’s role in a plague of epic proportions that has already produced scores of people more arrested in their cognitive and emotional development, and more dependent on handouts than the previous generation. Guaranteed, the remaining children will be no better off, irrespective of how much money the babbymommas get (and spend primarily on self) for these kids.

    No “in-depth” knowledge of this male’s life is required to properly assess the sorry situation for what was, is, and eventually became. He had no meaningful relationship with any of these children, for which this two year old boy would still be alive today. His continual screwing of these gold-digging wenches was not, nor was it ever, predicated on his hard upbringing—thus no need to make any mention of it. The molly-coddling of black man-children needs to stop, and brings me to my final point.

    Black “adult” males need to capture a fast grasp of the fact that their victim-holding status has become old and will soon become obsolete. What some of you have termed as “black male bashing” has become the badly-needed, long-required outrage against what has been intolerable behaviors among other cultures that became accepted and celebrated among “alla our people.” It’s evident to anyone with any kind of sense that the average black adult male’s reasoning skills is on par with that of a young teenager—extremely impulsive with little to no regard to consequences following. Be mad if you want to; really couldn’t give an eighth of a s**t about it at this point. This ain’t about you! It’s about preserving and protecting the lives of others against the destructive culture associated with these feral black males—affluent or broke.

    Don Lemon was well on point in calling out this BS behavior and the reaction of the general audience and AP’s seeming lack of any real grieving of this child in death, and his conspicuous absence in the boy’s life. The circumstances of AP not being in the lives of his remaining children mirror that of what this two year old faced, with the prospect of the same happening to them—as well as other children of absent, dead-beat males. The focus of Don’s commentary for the listening audience should be to help stem the tide of making children future victim’s of another one of mommy’s “boyfriends,” not another scream-like-a-b*tch moment because someone had the fortitude to highlight and condemn abominable behavior most often associated with black males in this country. Get over it and yourselves!

    • Serpentine on said:

      I hear you, and with that being said, what about the women who take no responsibility?

      Your words…”It’s evident to anyone with any kind of sense that the average black adult male’s reasoning skills is on par with that of a young teenager—extremely impulsive with little to no regard to consequences following.”

      If you’re going to chastise the man, then you should also chastise the woman. Women perpetuate this problem just as much as men do. They also have ulterior motives with little to no regard of the consequences to follow, and usually, they’re the one’s left holding the bag (baby). And now, she’s turned herself into a “baby mama” (hate that term). It’s just as sorry and looks just as bad for the woman who has multiple babies, and all by different men.

      Just as you are pissed at the average black man for stupidy, I’m equally as pissed at the average woman for also being just as stupid. It goes both ways.

    • Oh this is so very well stated and on point!! Those who get an attitude at someone telling the truth can’t possibly be in their right minds!!! Or they have the same mentality as the subjects involved!! I’m glad Don has the courage to tell it like it is!

    • edtitan77 on said:

      It’s always refreshing to come across a black poster who utilizes critical thinking skills. Excellent points. If Adrian had more concern for reproducing this child would not be left at the mercy of his mom’s latest boyfriend. Black folks defending him and his behavior are the prime reason why the community is in the dire straits it is in today. Seeds not only need to be sowed but watered, nurtured before they grow.

  26. Phil lee on said:

    At age 7, Adrian saw his 9-year-old brother Brian killed by a drunk driver as he rode his bicycle.[13] It was around that time that Peterson began to deal with his pain through sports and became interested in football.[14] He was the star of the Pee Wee football team coached by his father and played in the popular Pop Warner Football program when he was 12.[1] When Peterson was 13, his
    father was arrested for laundering money for a crack cocaine ring.[13]

    I hope he stands up for the other children if its true that there is more..

    Adrian dont forget where you came from….Be a men..

  27. God's Jewel on said:

    Wow…whatever happened to “judge not less you be judged”? Mr Lemon obviously doesnt know what that means. You weren’t there in that situation, you are going on speculations. We all live in glass houses so be careful at the stones you throw Mr Lemon. At a time of tragedy, you choose the low road and cast fault….wow. Where’s your humanity; in your other pants?

  28. Manwhobeenthere on said:

    Mr Lemon is only looking at the outside, his perception and seems not to hold the mother with any accountability. As one who is going through a legal battle for my own 2 year old child, I know if you concieve a child out of wedlock, the father has no legal rights even if the child lives with you and you are the sole provider. Any time the mother wants to take the child and disappear, the father has to battle in court to petition for his legal rights. I can tell you it does not take several weeks, and if the mother is not a willing participants, then it can be months. So I think if Mr. Lemon wants to comment on missing anything, what about the mother role is this matter. She chose to have a relationship with the boyfriend; what about her personal responsibility. Only because Adrian Peterson is a star athlete, this brother feel he can give a one sided interpretation of Adrian Peterson life.

  29. b j jones on said:

    Did the deceased child have a name, Mr. Lemon? Mr. Lemon continued to refer to this loving child as ‘the boy’ or ‘the child’. Maybe because of his age his name was not mentioned. But how utterly disrespectful. I counted at least 8 EIGHT times ‘the boy’ was used.

    The man Don Lemon reported… The man continued on to say… The man reporting this kept saying he wasn’t judging, but went on to do just that – judge. ‘This Adrian Peterson secret love child beating death story has been really bothering me’. ‘Adrian Peterson, 28-years-old, who by the way is not married, yet according to published reports, may have up to seven children with multiple women.’

  30. This website has become completely a black male bashing site. If your not Obama or Tom Joyner you cannot get positive press on this site as a black male. This same website promotes basketball wives and real housewives these are the types of women who create situations such as this one but AP is a deadbeat? Don Lemon is a bitter female in his heart and a confused man on the surface what is his opinion actually worth?

  31. I get so sick of these black athletes spreading their seeds like they are some humping animals. It is not cute nor okay to have multiple children with multiple women. It is disgusting and the utmost level of irresponsibility.

  32. the Timekeeper on said:

    Well, contrary to all of these opinions I see this a bit differently. Don Lemon says he is more MIA than MVP. Thats a pretty harsh statement from a guy who repeatedly said during his commentary that he wasnt judging Peterson. Not only was definatley judgiing him. It appears everyone els eis too! I, like everyone else wishes men were more active in their childrens lives. But lets not forget, he didnt even know this child was his until recenlty. Ask yourself, Why is that?? Dont answer beause there could be a whole lot of reasons for this. Some which are politically Incorrect and would infuriate those gender based haters even more. Secondly, look at who and what kind of man this woman was delaing with. So, ask yourself again. I would not go around a woman either kid or not, if she was hangin ( and sleeping with a no account buster like that) there are many reasons he could have stayed away.We just dont know. Again I am in no way excusing bad behaviour but plenty of athletes are the ones who get in trouble when these things happen. I bet this dude would have had no problem sticking a shive into Peterson if he showed up at the door. That was the kind of person that man is. Now, I dont kknow the situation with Peterson’s other children or their mother. But there is a lot of untold stuff we will never, ever know. Its nice to jump on the Don Lemon bandwago as so many have easily done. But there ismore here than meets the eye. A long time ago my mother told me to stay away from women who would hang with certain types of men. She knew what would happen. Its always the roughneck who survives. I wasnt one then, and im not one now. It is a darn shame what happened to this child. But before you indight peterson ( whoops, too late) check yourself at the alter first.

    • Serpentine on said:

      Timekeeper, I agree with you. Don’t place blame or lay a guilt trip on Peterson because the mother allowed her so-called abusive boyfriend to to lay hands on her and a 2 year old. So Peterson wasn’t there. If he had visited the child, could he have stopped the mom’s boyfriend from hurting this child? Probably not.

      The boyfriend didn’t just wake up one morning and say, hmmm…I think I’m gonna choke the life out of this baby today. This was on-going abuse, and while I feel sorry for all involved, this could have been avoided.

      Ladies, you know when the relationship isn’t right. You feel it, and if you’re starting to feel it on a regular like a fist to your face or your child, you better run or get rid of that loser.

      While this article may be about Peterson and him being the father, this is really about women allowing men they know absolutely nothing about to say in their home and around their children. If she was getting beat on by this man, she is just a culpable in the death of her own child. Sorry, it had to be said. Wake up, Ladies!

    • The bottom line, you should not provide your “seed” to father all these children, and not be aware of the fact that you have all these children with different money. What about the responsibility of being in their lives, not just financially, but physically. We as AA need to face the facts, stop protecting and defending irresponsible behaviors in our community. Do you really that as his children get older, that AP will be there for them: he not there now.

  33. blowin smoke on said:

    I’m a grandmother and I am fortunate to have them by a daughter who is married to wonderful man. That said, when girls and boys are growing up, there is a lot of attention to keeping girls from having an unwanted pregnancy. Having 2 sons, I realize there should be just as much emphasis on young men. Often the mother has custody, even when the father wants it, so as grandmother one would need to stand by and watch their loved one being raised in a situation that is not ideal. This means we need to speak to our sons along with our daughters. And, it’s no only black men who are guilty of being bad fathers. This transcends race and socioeconomic circumstances. So parents, grandparents, any loving adult, explain to your loved ones that children are not possessions. They are living beings who need lots of love and care. And sometimes that’s not even enough.

  34. Bang215 on said:

    Don Lemon. Let me say that I really applaud you for your commentary about this issue. AP is not excluded. It’s amazing how anyone with common sense can even find a problem with Don Lemon bring light not only to AP story but to the many kids that face abuse and sexual assault by women boyfriends. I’m a fan of AP, but I not a fan of a dead beat dad. Just because you pay child support doesn’t make you a father. I don’t know the whole story , but I’m glad this story was told. I hope Don Lemon expose every dead beat Black man that in sports because that is the only way they will become responsible. No more looking up to these guys as heroes just because they play a sport. They must be held accountable for spreading their seeds in a irresponsible way. Also expose the women. Don’t let them off easy.Great job Don Lemon.

    • Its true. No one is “above the law”. Even if its someone that is beloved or has accomplished much. Bad behavior is bad no matter who does it. It takes a certain amount of guts and nerve to bring this out about people like this. I’m waiting for the AP supports to start bashing Don on this. The truth is the truth people!!

  35. Daniel Asamota on said:

    Peterson is just as bad as these other guys if not worse! When he knew that boy was his he should have made every effort to get custody! But he didn’t want the responsibility and so he didn’t! Now the boy is dead! Fine time to go see the little guy in the hospital after you no longer have any responsibility for him. You don’t lose anything so your life goes on without a hitch and this poor child lost his battle with life before it even got started! Adrian Peterson is no better than any other deadbeat dad and probably worse coz’ he had to know what kind of girl he layed down with and what kind of environment she would expose his son to! His irresponsible and selfish behavior led to the death of this poor boy when it was within his power to save him before it was too late! Now it is and I believe he’s breathed a sigh of relief coz’ he won’t be out of any money nor time! He’s scum!

  36. Ohhhh boy!! This one is going to get a LOT of crazy talk!!! People see AP as a star running back with a likeable personality. He is also known for fighting his way back from a terrible knee injury to be voted MVP which was a great accomplishment. He has had some big games and is the best in the business. When you question or criticize the actions of a person like that, SOME people take offense to it. To be honest, NO ONE is above reproach. There is another NFL player known for having a lot of kids and baby mommas. I forget his name. It happens all over, not just in the NFL. If this is true that AP has all of these kids by different women, they we can say his decisions have been questionable (I’m putting it midly). AND, its not enough to to give money. Dads need to be involved in the kids lives. If the rich dads are NOT paying support, then they are REALLY FOUL!!

    • Ban215 on said:

      Great point. The player that you’re thinking of that has all those kids and couldn’t remember all their names is Antonio Cromartie. Also Travis Henry who is a former football player has like nine kids by nine different women.

    • taylormi on said:

      Its not ‘judging if its fact. The sperm donors boys and the Baby-mammas will be held accountable. This young child and all the other children around the world who are concieved and born into this world without a thought from either the sperm donor or the baby-mamma of sincerely proviving everything that is going to be needed for a decent chance of life. This young child and all the children didn’t deserve this. We as Black men in our communities need to stand up and Stand against this. Raise Our young men to be Responsibe Men. Raise our Young Ladies, Show Our young how they are supposed to treated. We just have Do many ‘boys’, sperm donors, impregnating our young girls without any regards. Its Sad, and its been Sad for a very Long time. The the young child birth mother, I am truly praying for Peace in your Spirit. GOD will Deliver.

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