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A woman has accused recording artist and “The Voice” host Cee Lo Green of sexual assault, claims Green completely denies.

The unidentified woman – who doesn’t reside in California – has filed a lawsuit against Green alleging that he put ecstasy in her drink at a downtown Los Angeles restaurant last July and that she woke up lying in bed naked with Green in the room.

Initially the woman did not file a report while still in California and instead waited until she got to her home state to report it to her local police department. The department transferred the report to the LAPD and she says the police had her place a “pretext call” to Green as an attempt to get him to acknowledgement the rape.

According to victim, there is recording of Green apologizing for the incident and referring to MDMA but never admitting to putting anything in her beverage. But according to sources close to the artist, if Green had been recorded then he would’ve been arrested by now and that MDMA is not known for knocking people out and making them oblivious.

TMZ reports that the LAPD sent the case to the District Attorney but prosecutors weren’t pleased with the evidence and sent it back for further investigation.

The D.A. requested toxicology info on any drugs that may have been in the woman’s system while the police are searching for any additional witnesses.  They are expected to resubmit their findings to the D.A. “late this week or the following.”

According to Cee Lo Green’s lawyer, the victim has only pursued the case with a civil lawyer after having her initial request for money denied.

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