Avonte Oquendo, age 14, was last seen October 4, 2013 in Queens, NY. He was last seen leaving Center Boulevard School in Long Island City around 12:45 p.m. Surveillance video shows Avonte simply running out the door. Avonte has the mind of a 7-year-old and suffers from autism and is mute.

To read more about Avonte Oquendo, click here.

Anyone with information can submit a tip to www.bamfi.org under “Tip Line”.


4 thoughts on “Missing: Avonte Oquendo

  1. A cry for help If you have this child and you feel like God sent you a child well he did not this child has a mother and father who love him please take him to NYP department if you had a child you would want someone to do the same thing .he a beautiful little boy he not your please call NYP Please you might be a childish woman who want a son God dont take other people children and give then to other he is not your please please where ever you live please take him home are to NYP please

  2. Daniel Asamota on said:

    How the hell this kid turn up missing and he was at school? What was he doing wandering around by himself and he’s autistic? That damned school has a lot of explaining to do! Where the hell was security? This school was obviously negligent and needs to be investigated! Pray to God this boy is safe!

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