Eww gross! This is one of the most revolting stories we’ve heard in a very long time! According to Gawker, there is a disgusting new drug called “Krokodil” that is spreading across the United States. It makes it possible to literally shoot your face off. Check it out in the video below!

The drug is now showing up in the Chicago area and is feared to continue to spread. Crazy right?

What type of person wakes up and thinks, “Hmm I think I’ll do a drug that will make my skin rot away from the bone”?! We are pretty sure we have some questions for anyone who would think that.

This is awful. We thought the bath salts people were wild but this far trumps those zombies. We don’t really know what to say other than if someone offers you a drug that will literally make your body parts fall off…just say no!

3 thoughts on “Flesh Eating “Heroin Like” Drug Hits The United States

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