Dear Tom:

I am a strong, independent, educated, mother of three daughters, ages; 21, 19 and 15, who after a series of unfortunate circumstances is homeless and sleeping with her children in our car.   Our trouble began in March 2013 when we lost our home after my husband left us and then became disabled after an accident, unable to support us.  Then around the same time, my daughters and I experienced job cutbacks and the loss of my job.

At first, my girls and I were staying in hotels, but then the money quickly ran out.   There is only one homeless shelter in our area and they get filled up right away and the waiting list to get in is very long.  I have been able to get some assistance with my girls educational needs, food and clothes, however, getting funding to get into housing is more complicated and again there are waiting lists.  In the meantime we are sleeping in the car and showering at the YMCA.

Tom, my family and I are asking for a Christmas wish of a place to call home.  If you could please help us with the first month’s rent and security deposit, we will be able to make it from there.   We hope that you can grant us this Christmas wish, so that we can have a home again, finish school and just be a family with a smile in our hearts once again.

Thank you for your time, Ms. H