Most people talk about making the world a better place, but Mark Harris is putting his thoughts into action.  Harris, a black filmmaker,  organized the Englewood Film Festival three years ago with the hopes that showing positive images on the screen will help to uplift the troubled community.

With high unemployment rates and gun violence, the Chicago neighborhood has had its share of bad press which makes it a challenge to drum up interest for the film festival but Harris is confident in his mission: ”We want to put cafes in the community. We want to put bookstores in the community. We want to put health food stores in the community you know, we want to–we want to make Englewood like your Hyde Park or Oak Park, you know, where people come in and see what’s going on in Englewood and they can be proud of it.”

The Englewood Film Festival is from October 24-October 27th.  You can get more information at and watch an interview with Mark Harris courtesy of MyFoxChicago.

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