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People are split over Oxygen’s “Preachers of L.A.”.

Some think it is inappropriate for religious leaders to appear on reality television while others think it is a good tool for getting out the word.

Bishop Noel Jones defended joining the “Preachers of L.A.” cast to the Tom Joyner Morning Show crew, he explained, “I have always wanted to reduce the iconopathic proclivities that church people have towards their leaders. The problem is you put men on pedestals they can’t live on and at the end of the day we turn around and slaughter them, when nobody is perfect but Jesus Christ.”

But TJMS co-host, Sybil Wilkes, was not pleased with the response, she countered asking, “So, you all allowed yourselves to be put on pedestals and now you allow this TV show to knock you down?”

Bishop Jones quickly replied, “You don’t allow yourself to be put on the pedestal. You can’t help the subjective proclivities of people who want to make you more than who you are.”

Wilkes quipped, “You have a lot of great, fancy words but what you see in this, is men of God who are preaching the word, who are now seen as just regular guys but it is in such a disturbing [way].”

In response, Bishop Jones said, “it is not disturbing!…Who in the world, who has been going to church, especially in our culture, from slavery to now…has ever thought that the preacher was God?”

Wilkes responded with a simple, “a lot of people.”

How did this heated debate end? Find out after you listen to the full interview above.

30 thoughts on “Bishop Noel Jones: ‘Who in the World Has Ever Thought that the Preacher was God?’

  1. conswalow on said:

    We need to pray and keep these men and women of God covered. God has open a door for them to be witnesses for him. How can we win souls for Christ if we’re only going to hang around other Christians… I will never understand why it’s okay for the world to prosper live in mansions and drive Bentleys but men and women of God are looked upon in a negative way when they prosper. God is the only one that can Judge another mans heart and intentions. Stop looking at the outer of these men and women of God. God, knows their hearts. There is nothing wrong with them getting paid for being on this reality show. The world does the same thing and get paid. Pray that souls are won. They have been given a platform to be used for the glory of God. Whether than taking on the judgment seat of God. Pray that others are reconciled back to Christ. Look at the gang members that are coming to Christ. That is the problem now! we win souls to Christ than we try and pretend that life will be smooth sailing. Are you saying that Pastors and other Christians have to walk around pretending, that they walk in the spirit 24×7? Absolutely not. The interviewer Sybil was very rude and extremely judgmental. If you have no sin in your life cast the first stone. What we are seeing on this show is life. This is the way of the world. Ministers allowing us into their lives. We are also seeing pure ministry. God is Jehovah Jireh, if he owns everything than why can’t Christian be blessed also. PRAY and stop judging. Pray for souls!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am sorry but Sybil was rude and kept interupting Bishop Jones. She would not allow him to make him point and continued to have smart comebacks. So not impressed with her and her interview skills. Now for Preachers of LA. Bishop Jones is the man regardless of how you slice it. He said it perfect, Preachers are human being just like you and I. The problem is people put the preachers on pedestals they can’t live and survive and we expect them to. Once they make a mistake, we slaughter them .. I will give you the benefit of the doubt until you give me reason to doubt you. DHaddon made his point very clear when it came to Bishop McClendon. He couldn’t handle the truth when someone challenged him. It is always been something in my spirit about him from years ago, When he was on television, I always turned the channel so now it’s very clear. God will make it clear and plain always. He is arrogant and has a sour spirit…Just rude!!! Divorced his wife and married his sidepiece 7 days later…REALLY!!! I think the show is wonderful if you listen attentively and watch for the message. Many people are too focused on what they have and lifestyle they are living. Praise god for your pastor, the vision and for him just making it plain. After all, if he blessed those pastors…Guess what?? I know that he is still in the blessing business!!! Also, don’t get it twisted because many people have always wondered what kind of house they live in, how they act day to day, what are typical things they do, what problems they have….No you have an inside look!! Be Blessed and ALWAYS and ONLY believe in GOD!!!

  3. P.S. RENO2AC what do you do when you are not being about the business of whatever it is that you do to earn a living and/or make a difference. What do you do during your “down time.” How is what you do any different from what some preachers do during their “down time?”

    The only question or concern I would have is whether or not the church itself is financing the lifestyle. If not and therefore no improper use or misapporpriation of funds, who are we to judge?

    • That’s exactly the point, sir. They are accountable but no more than any who believe according to His word. For that matter, we are all accountable whether or not we are believers. The point of the humanity of us all, including preachers, is not to defend them or make excuses for inappropriate behavior. Rather it is to simply point out a fact from which flows the imperfection in us all.

      The gospel is about those who have been through something…Saul to Paul…using their experiences, their success and their failures, their learning along the way and the gift in the understanding and preaching of God’s word that was given to Bishop Noel Jones and Pastor Wayne Chaney by God to help the members of their congregation better manage life, respond to challenges, and celebrate victories. The fact that they enjoy life and good things like most do and would enjoy if they could, does not in my opinion take away from the value and impact of their calling.

  4. As my Bishop, Bishop Noel Jones stated, preachers are no more than messengers. Remember the saying “don’t shoot the messenger?” They are mean and as it is written, we have all sinned and fallen short…including preachers. Do people put them on pedestals? Absolutely. Have they fallen short? Absolutely. As so have all of us.

    As a messenger, Bishop has been called to preach the gospel and there are few better at it than Bishop Noel Jones. His ability/gift of making God’s word real, and relevant, and applicable to the issues we face today is unparalleled.

    My initial thoughts about the show were not unlike many of those who have criticized it. And there was a time that I, too, thought the preacher should be above reproach. Then I realized/learned that they are just men and like all men, have faults and proclivities, good and bad. As I got more into God’s word, I came to understand that I do not need the preacher to get to God. I know Him for myself and all I rely on Bishop for is to help me understand one of the most complex books ever written…for regular, everyday folk. And again, I say, there are few better than Bishop Noel Jones at helping those who have an ear hear and understand God’s word.

    Those who pass judgment should consider their own faults and shortcomings and ask for the strength and courage to address their own issues. If we all did that, there would be no need to have a discussion about what preachers should or should not do.

    Plus, I also know Pastor Wayne, his father and his late grandfather and I can also state without reservation that there is no finer young man on the planet than Wayne Chaney. No one more concerned about the well-being of his congregation and no better example for our young men on how to lead a life led by the word of God.

  5. I think the reality show was all about money! Even though Bishop Noel Jones said that he is only doing the show too [prove that pastor’s are only human. I think the show is money driven!!!!!

    • BlackBeauty on said:

      Money, ego, and a lot of you know what crap!
      That McClendon person is the devil himself. I mean the man is low in spirit, soul and everything else. He is a money grabbing, status seeking, poor excuse for a human being, let alone a pastor.
      Any fool that would follow him is either looking to be kicked in their ass or is just pur stupid.
      And women, please do not fall for this guy’s line (yes, I know someone who has been there done that), he has many just like you, and you can’t top the woman he married with her monies, game and thought process just like his.
      He is a handsome guy, and he dresses himself very well, but his soul is on the ground.
      Black folks, PLEASE WAKE UP! Stop following these types of con men and pimps!

  6. Interesting observation: He cited a scripture about he should decrease that God may INCREASE. Well, I don’t think driving Bentley’s, living in a mansion, and getting a nice, fat check from doing a reality show is what the original author of that sentiment had in mind when he talked about “decreasing.” So the Devil really CAN cite a scripture for his own cause. LOL! SMH!!!

  7. msfobb on said:

    My deceased Pastor told us every Sunday, “Don’t follow me, follow Christ! I might wake up crazy in the morning.” This simple statement has always helped me to stay focused on Who I should model my life after as a Christian.

  8. Daniel Asamota on said:

    We live in a culture where everyone wants to be a star! When will they learn that everyone wasn’t meant to be on television? These reality shows are a bain to our society! People who can’t dance or sing feel like they have something to offer in the way of entertainment by people seeing them act a fool on television! It needs to end, but people are so sadistic and sick they derive some psychotic pleasure from seeing people make a fool out of themselves on national tv. It’s truly sick!

  9. FIFTY AND PHUNE on said:

    Folks are stupid I don’t need a middle man to get to God. Who determines and measures someone’s closeness with God. God said worship no one but him and that is what happened to Eddie Long because people was worshipping Eddie Long instead of God. Folks are gullliable when it comes to religion.

  10. pac4me on said:

    Lord, help us all. Don’t they know that the Devil is right there in church with them waiting on an opportunity to show himself and he did!!! – Whew a hot mess and yes some of us are at fault for placing these men on pedestals and they have taken advantage of our weakness’s by continuing to ask for more & more. Sure this is a realty show but the word real is in there.

  11. I saw the preview of the show…two words hot mess…between Pastor Jones , D Haddrick (sp) and the b pastor who had an entrougeit was disgusting….

  12. SayWhat on said:

    The so called pastors in the clip are greedy and money hungry men who have oversized egos. I wouldn’t step foot in none of their churches. They are racketeers.

  13. TenlnesseePeach on said:

    We’ll, looks like Satan has done it again! Only this time he’s using God’s messengers to willingly, publicly display mess! Pastors are to encourage and persuade unbelievers to accept Christ as their Savior and develop a relationship with Him. From the look of the preview this show is not persuading but will rather dissuade unbelievers. How sad it is that these pastors and others like them want to be seen rather than humbly serve The Master. It’s a sad day for the church and true followers of Christ.

    • Goin: On other sites I have seen (some) people complain that President Obama isn’t god. Duuuuuuh!! What INTELLIGENT person thinks Obama, or the preachers on the reality show are god!! Obama has never said he was god; it’s people that AREN’T VERY INTELLIGENT that put him, and pastors of churches on unrealistic pedestals. I’m an Obama supporter, and realize he is human just like you, and I.

  14. sam hill on said:

    This show is sad. I hope they take it off the air, all it does is give the church another black eye. And the real GOD lead ministers, pastors, bishop, and elders get unfairly judged because of these types of people.

  15. TellItLikeItIs on said:

    So it’s FINALLY come to this!!! I have been to several churches and watched services on TV and I have seen through the years how pastors have turned godliness into greediness. It sickens me to my entire being to see that so many people, surprisingly ones who have been attending church for many many years, allow the world to creep into their spiritual lives. The big problem is that society is changing (not for good) and lots of people are rolling right along with it. Speaking for myself, I am of this world, but don’t want to be a part of it. I am NOT A SAINT! But when it comes to my knowledge and good God given sense, I know where to draw the line. This bs about evolution is nothing but the devil

  16. BlackBeauty on said:

    Some of these “pastors” are the ones who think they are GOD. Most people do not think they are GOD, but they do hold them to a higher standard because they themselves present themselves that way!
    Yes, there are always a few foolish women who fall in love with the pastor in every church, but that is not the majority.
    These pastors who are doing this show are ALL the type who love the lime-light, hand most of them have very questionable past and mismanaged their own church or other crap they did to bring themselves down.
    Then they try to get back up because they know that being a “pastor” is profitable, and many have a pimp mentality.
    The majority of well know pastors in LA do not present themselves this way. Some people will do anything for money and being in the spot-light on TV. Go figure.
    I do agree that they are men first and pastors second. They are NOT GOD. They are human, but a pastor should present himself in a manner that is with the teachings of GOD, and these foolish women need to stop placing these men up on peds. To the ones who are “doing” the pastor, you are only one of many. Stop being stupid.

  17. I’m glad Sybil called Pastor Jones (and the others) out on this. I also hope this lets everyone know, who’s made the mistake of putting their pastors in the role of GOD, not to do this. At the end of the day, these are just men, not saints…

  18. Thank you, Sybil for asking Pastor Jones those tough questions! Seems that he is in denial that people see him and other megachurch leaders as God. He could do more to dispel that notion by not appearing on that show!

    • Whoever sees pastor/preachers and other church leaders as God or equivalent thereto needs their head examined. I would hope that this is an exaggerate. Sure they are held to a higher standard and viewed as having a closer relationship with God than the average Christian but I do not think they are in general viewed as being God. They are human beings and all human beings are born in sin and I would assume that Christians in general would know that. Just because Sybil said otherwise doesn’t mean it made sense. However, they are placed on a pedestal by most Christians, but in a human sense. I agree if she was just focusing on that high placement and questioning them about not living up to that high placement.

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