It seems that the very day Jermaine Jackson went and purchased  a $160,000, 2011 Ferrari, the state of California had his wages garnished because he was behind on his child support.

The report goes on to say that according to official documents, Jackson’s baby mama, Alejandra, obtained an order which allowed the government to withhold $3,750 from his wages.

Alejandra — who has had recurring problems getting child support from Jermaine — got the order after he fell behind.  The breakdown of the $3,750 — $3,000 for monthly support, and $750 for past due fees.

The garnishment order allows the government to garnish future wages as well to cover the $3,000 a month.

TMZ is also reporting that Katherine Jackson is not too thrilled at Jermaine for dropping $70k in cash (he traded in his Rolls-Royce for $90k) when he couldn’t pay his bills.

(Photo: AP)

2 thoughts on “Jermaine Jackson Gossip: Wages Garnished Day He Bought Ferrari

  1. Daniel Asamota on said:

    Now this I don’t understan; Jermaine Jackson isn’t as famous as Michael but he’s had his fair share of hits! Why is he struggling financially? IN the late 70’s and early 80’s he charted quite a few hits; WHAT THE HELL DID HE DO WITH HIS MONEY?

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