One of the biggest scandals in the history of Detroit involved former chief of staff Christine Beatty and her affair with former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

Beatty is now speaking out about the sexting scandal back in 2008 that sent both her and Kilpatrick to jail after it was found that they lied under oath about their affair during the trial.

Beatty opens up for the first time in a November Essence cover story. A promotional portion of the interview was released showcasing Beatty saying “no matter how unhappy you are, you can’t look for your happiness in someone else because you won’t find it there.”

She added:

“For years I would think fondly of our first kiss, the one we shared sitting on my mother’s couch after our first date. That kiss, passionate yet gentle, was the sweetest thing I had ever experienced.”

“We would find any spare time we could to be together, at the office or at my home when my children weren’t there. … He made me laugh, he made me angry, he propelled me to ecstasy and reduced me to tears, but most important, I felt he loved me unconditionally.”

After a cop filed a wrongful dismissal suit against the former mayor, their affair was exposed because the cop claimed he was let go because he knew too much. The pair proceeded to lie during the trial about their affair that was revealed through text messages. Both Beatty and Kilpatrick were married; Beatty wasn’t charged in connection with Kilpatrick’s later federal charges.

The November issue of Essence hits newsstands on October 10 — the same day Kilpatrick is scheduled for sentencing in federal court.

6 thoughts on “Christine Beatty Opens Up for First Time About Affair with Kwame Kilpatrick

  1. Toni Thompson on said:

    Christine Beatty made her bed and now she has to lie in it. She should be in jail along with Kwame.
    I only feel sorry for Beatty and Kilpatrick children.

  2. FIFTY AND PHUNE on said:

    Gryl when I saw that tall glass of water I said I know what you mean.If loving you is wrong I don’t wanna be right. glad you are getting yourself back on track.

    • Yeah and she is an intelligent, smart educated woman. This just shows that people of all kinds can act without thinking and not having common sense. Sounds like to me he was hittin it real good and she got hooked. There are a LOT of women doing this same thing today. She could really help a lot of women if she really came out and spoke about “being the other woman”. I hope she gets it together

  3. Can’t wait to read this article. Kwame wrote a book and made money off of the situation. Why shouldn’t she. Christine should come out with her own book if she hasn’t already started the planning. I wonder while they were having this affair if its the same ole thing where Kwame was promising to marry her eventually or if Christine knew full well they would NEVER be together like that and she still went on with the secret affair.

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