I might sound happy this morning but I’m actually scared to walk outside of my house sometimes.

Sometimes I’m scared to log onto social media.

I’m nervous to turn on the TV.

Because I never know what kind of anger I might encounter.

Have you seen the video of the S-U-V driver who ran over several motorcyclists and then was chased down, dragged out of the car and beaten in front of his wife and 2-year-old child? That could have been any one of us driving down the street.

Or what about the teenagers who beat to death the 88-year-old veteran just a few weeks ago in Spokane?

Or the young men who shot to death the Australian baseball player in Oklahoma? And on and on.

The question is what is going on with us?  Why are we so angry? Why are some Americans so angry?

Why does a minor infraction, like someone cutting you off in traffic or jumping the line in the grocery store, many times escalate into angry words, fist throwing and sometimes even death?

Why is it that when we disagree with a friend, a loved one, a public figure or a commentator; we result to nasty name calling, bashing and threats on Twitter, on Facebook and on blogs?

It’s really disgusting and it’s frightening.

So, I asked my psychologist friend, Dr. Wendy Walsh and she says it’s because of two reasons mainly:

Number 1: Lack of good parenting or like we used to say in the old days, lack of home training.

The doctor says parents who are either absent or who don’t actually understand what it means to be parents have fueled this behavior over the last few decades.

I have often said that just because you can have a baby, it doesn’t mean you should have one.

And it makes me wonder if we’re reaching a point where people ought be licensed to have kids, yes I said that licensed to have kids, or at the very least required to take parenting classes.

Something to think about.

And the second and very important reason the doctor tells me that we’re so angry is because, and this relates to what’s going on now in the world and Washington, because of the wealth gap in this country.

According to, the top 1 percent of the population control 43 percent of the wealth in America.

Most of our information is controlled by a few brands or just a few companies, the same with health care.

So feeling powerless, many of us unconsciously lash out.  And that gets me to those angry people you see in Washington now, arguing with reporters, yelling at each other on TV or on the House and Senate floors.

Many of those people are upset and angry because rather than sharing the wealth, they want to keep the status quo which has served them well, their rich friends well, their supporters well and their family members well.

So, whether Americans realize it at home or not, some of these individual acts are misplaced violence. That’s the lower classes rising up in smaller bursts of anger against those with the money and power.

It’s sort of like the misplaced anger that people use when they riot or burn down their own neighborhoods after a controversial verdict or court decision. That’s why I say America is in desperate need of a psychological makeover, immersion therapy into to self and world awareness about why we act and do what we do.

And just like some parents, those leaders in DC are setting really bad examples for us. All of  the gridlock, the anger and the sleight of hand over health care are only making the patient worse.

15 thoughts on “POWERLESS: Why Are We So Angry?

  1. writertracy on said:

    I’ve always felt solution oriented–for loads of reasons. The whiskey rebellion crew is out for their own selfish interest–they don’t want a nation, they want little itty bitty feudal systems where they can be kings of their own parcenage–but don’t want anyone else to have it because if they were somewhere else–whiskey rebellion would burn down their crops–or wage war on them while the peaceful were sleeping or as winter approaches. mean spirited people won’t give my people a break!!! and I for one who could care less about a break, because I have been tremendously blessed and endowed–only wanted to be left alone [so did Bill
    Cosby in an very old book I found] JUST TO BE LEFT ALONE is too difficult for people looking on what our people had built up from nothing (broken people to Motown’s preciousness–hollowed out barrell to steel pan… people can make something out of nothing, but we’ve got jealous natures [most of whom are mentally challenged with mental illness driving them to insanity sadism and misery] and want to share their misery, and closeness with the wicked force instead of coming to the truth and becoming brighter lighter happier kinder gentler, happier–sharing caring–and minding their own business because they genuinely have other interests than minding someone else’s walk talk thoughts

  2. writertracy on said:

    The anchoring bias #2 Bus driver did to negatively stereotype me as an angry Black woman, passing anchors on to his boss as if he gave her a lei in Hawaii, then went about buying in (according to Harvard Business Review’s How To Make Good Decisions) to attorney Bruce Woodske Jr engaged in planning fallacy banking on institutionalized pervasive environment race discrimination –in need of confirming evidence because he didn’t have any to do what Rosemary Sutter&team did–so wrote a false police report [all knowing state PORTALS] ignored because PHRC supvr was Italian too, looking for confirming evidence that angry Black woman was out there somewhere… thank God I was raised properly–or I’d be in jail like these angry Whites should be..

  3. I have read the comments and my opinion is from a Black Woman point of view: I feel there is sadness due to the survival mode that we have to grab a hold of. We are surviving the financial wars, the unemployment wars, the Black Single Mother war, the Black Single Woman war, the games that Men play wars, the backbone of the family war, the religion war of siting in church for an answer to life challenges and leaving with hope to return back to reality that no one seem to care about, family values not rising, lack of support, staying strong minded yet knocked down for dreaming higher than others, dealing with the black man lack of support and expectations of our beauty, dealing with the games of dating and competition, dealing with finding, keeping & pleasing a good man & his expectations, being a respectable woman n society, learing to keep our mouths shut to job, society and relationship mistreatment ….wow……should i continue? IGAMSWM (I Got All My Sisters With Me! POBx 4560-Chatt,TN 37405) PEACE, FAITH and LOVE.

  4. flitetym on said:

    “I have frequently seen people become neurotic when they content themselves with inadequate or wrong answers to the questions of life …”
    Carl Jung

    The foundation of the human dilemma is a disassociation from truth.

  5. Inoe Sen on said:

    There are great and good explanations for being angry. It is more like always wanting something for absolutely “nothing.” That means wanting back what you did not put in or contributed to in anyway. If no one ever entertains the goodness of you, you would more than likely shut down the good things about yourself. (1) Our world particularly does not generate good spirits. We are burden down with the evil of the world w/ no actual outlet to offset the imbalance. You cannot always and only demand something, when you’ve done absolutely nothing to bring good fortunes your way. We block, detour and even destroy yet, we always expect something back in return. After so many years of just doing things one way, ppl are ppl and tend to get fed up and do not have the balance in control needed in order to simplify the situation. (2) A lack of examples and a lack of training in understanding how to control the pressures that are forced upon us. Our world need more balance. (3) Too much evil and hate. What do you expect to get out of evilness and hatefulness? I think you would get a lot of angry ppl who wish life was better in order for us to do better and to behave better.

    All of us at some point and time thought about growing up, but we never thought of all the baggage we carry as we grow up. As a society, we grow up in dark times, and no one simply knows how to turn on the lights. That is my answer.

  6. theresetapp on said:

    we are living in a world where grief is overwhelming due to our real time experience of everyone’s tragedy. We see the anger–from high schools who can’t play football at night for fear of riots to Chicago’s kids murdering each other to Tsunamis and hurricanes. I call this “Global Grief” in my new book “The Gifts of Grief: Finding Light in the Darkness of Loss”, and we have to look at it in order to understand and fix it. On top of this is the deadening of our sense of right and wrong as we become lost in us versus them. Lots of work to do, Don.

  7. Pat Raines on said:

    I’m am ex-pat living in’s very hard for me to return to the states for visits….an entirely different world up there. At 72 years old, I’ve seen changes I don’t like…I’m still a news junky in Mexico so I know what is going on…it’s just so peaceful here..people aren’t as uptight and on the edge.

  8. On October 18th the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is going to announce plans for a United Black bank to buy farmland, factories and to create jobs. I believe that this information is much to important not to be mentioned on this site that supposedly represents black America.

  9. In Detroit a day ago or so, I young black guy was shot and killed because he shouted out to a guy driving speeding down a residential street, “slow down”. Somebody came back and shot him. People are crazy nowadays. You can’t say ANYTHING to these people today or they lose it, go crazy and pull out a gun!! It pays to keep your mouth shut and not say anything to anybody. Its sad, but its reality today. People got the damn devil in them!!!!

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