6. Find an adult to intervene. If you know about bullying at school, notify your child’s teacher and the principal. Let them know that you expect them to properly handle the situation. If there isn’t an adult around, teach your child to find an adult to intervene. And if you witness bullying, as an adult, you should tell the bully to stop.

7. Enroll your child is self defense classes. This will help build his self esteem, which will help bullies stay away. These moves are also beneficial to know if your child is in another type of dangerous situation.

8. Build your child’s self esteem through your words and actions. Bullies can make a child feel down on himself, but you have the power to speak positively into his life.

9. Be nice to the bully. They’re less likely to pick on kids if their parents are nice to them.

Do You Know What Your Kids Are Watching?

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