OK we can literally feel some of you rolling your eyes at us for this one! But this crazy story circulating was just so weird that we felt we should bring it to you… our brilliant readers to see what you think!

Alright now those of you who pay attention to the Basketball Wives franchise are well aware that Tami and Evelyn are going through a touch of something right now and that their relationship has been tumultuous in the past. However there is an email blowing up the internets right now that we found well….interesting.

Check out what Allhiphop.com posted below!

Tami Evelyn Document

Now take a look at the pics posted as “proof” that Tami is feeling the Evelyn style a little too hard!

tami evelyn

OK readers this is where you come in! What do you think? Is Tami trying to be Evelyn or is this all just  a coincidence that has been blown out of proportion? Take our poll and have your say! Is this copy catting gone super wrong yes or no? What say you?


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