The Atlanta Black Star is reporting that a group of Ohio state representatives will be forming a team to review the policies of the Deborah Brown Community School; the school responsible for sending home Tiana Parker for wearing her dreadlocks.

State Rep. Kevin Matthews told a local Ohio station, “We are working to bring the school administrators and board members together with the Oklahoma Legislative Black Caucus members to coordinate a review of these policies.”

Adding, “Although direct legislative action is not an option of addressing the issue in the short term, school policies can be addressed, reviewed, or changed by the Deborah Brown Community School’s internal board.”

Tiana, 7, is now attending a new school after her parents Miranda and Terrence Parker used the media as a tool to inform people about what the school had done. There was a huge public outcry from various outlets including TV, radio and social media.

So far, the Parkers have not filed a lawsuit against the school.

Ironically, the school is run out of Langston University and is comprised of mostly black faculty.

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