DMX Pulled Over By Cops Hours After Leaving Jail (thumbnail)

According to AllHipHop.comDMX’s long treacherous story of heartbreak and drug use is about to pick up where Iyanla left off when he pays a visit to the Dr. Phil Show.

The interview is scheduled to be an hour long and will discuss many aspects of DMX’s life including his relationship with God.

We hope this time he is able to find some sort of healing or at the very least some peace. We’ll be watching…will you?



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2 thoughts on “DMX To Do The Dr. Phil Show

  1. Ohhh boy!!! If Iyanla couldn’t fix him, I’m not sooo confident that Dr Phil can. I don’t know about this one. I guess there has to be a part of him that wants to be right and do right if he seeks out these people? Or is he doing it for publicity and appearance fees? Either way, I hope he gets his act together once and for all or things just won’t end well.

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