Simone A. Baker was cited by Kansas City police for allegedly beating up her child’s kindergarten teacher in response to her son’s allegations that the educator put a scratch on his neck, according to The Kansas City Star.

When the 6-year-old boy told Baker that his teacher struck him, she called the Hickman Mills School District’s Truman Elementary School‘s principal to inform him that she was on her way there. The unnamed principal told the infuriated 24-year-old Baker not to come to the school, but she went anyway.

The school principal met the apparently fuming Baker in the hallway when she entered the school’s premises and attempted to calm her down, stating that a meeting could be set up to discuss the allegations against the teacher. Instead of listening to reason, Baker reportedly bolted around the principal and headed straight for the kindergarten teacher’s classroom.

The boy’s teacher was on the phone when Baker confronted her and reportedly bellowed the words, “You better not touch my kid again.”  There were no students present in the classroom.

A police report states that Baker stormed behind the 49-year-old teacher’s desk and grabbed and struck her in the face five to ten times while managing to hold down her arms. Baker then grabbed the teacher’s hair, yanked her out of her seat, then slammed her head against a file cabinet two times. Police state that Baker then left the school building after the alleged attack.

By the time the principal gathered staff members and hightailed it to the teacher’s classroom, the assault had already taken place.

When officers went to Baker’s home, she was nowhere to be found. Authorities issued Baker a city ticket for assaulting the teacher and she has to make a court appearance on October 22. The school district does reportedly plan on having the case prosecuted “to the fullest extent of the law.”

Meanwhile, the boy was brought to school by his dad the day after the incident. The child has reportedly retracted his original accusation now stating, that his teacher did not scratch or strike him in any way.

Baker is still being sought out by police.

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6 thoughts on “Mom Cited After Giving Son’s Kindergarten Teacher A Beat Down!

  1. WhiteMan on said:

    this is why teachers should be armed. The boy was not attacked by the teacher, yet the mom (crazed bitch) assaulted and could have seriously injured the teacher. Flying off the handle with no evidence… Hmm? Am I surprised she’s black? No. Not at all. Emotion, not logic. Violence, not reason. these are the things that I find most in common amongst black people. The tendency to not think, to react, and to use violence as their only means of conflict resolution. Why?

    • RENO2AC on said:

      Kids lie. I was a good kid; a smart kid, and I lied on my favorite elementary teacher in grade school. She took a privilege away from me because I was “goofing off” in class, so in retaliation I went home and told my mother a lie about her. My mother came to the school the next day and “cussed her out.” I have never been so ashamed. I was a good kid; a smart kid from a “good” family. Kids lie.

  2. The baby is in kindergarten, which means he is 5, and which means the mother had him at the age of 19 and probrably got pregnant at 18. This is why kids shouldn’t have kids. She had no sense at all before she even had that baby. Teachers put up with too much.

  3. truthshallsetyoufree on said:

    No teacher should ever have to fear their students or student parents. People please beat your kids if they disrespect their elders. Its time we teach our children values again.

  4. You couldn’t pay me to be a teacher. Teachers have to deal with bad ass kids and violent parents. It’s not even safe to teach kindergarten kids.

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