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Tracey RogersWarrior planet Mars moved into the sign of Leo last week, bringing a dramatic tone of ambition and high achievement to the atmosphere below. Leos are known to be the leaders of the Zodiac (think Bill Clinton and Barack Obama). So with Mars moving through this constellation, many folks will be vying for their time in the spotlight, and at all costs. This is a positive development for increased drive and motivation to see a new creative endeavor through to completion. But there is an air of willfulness involved here too that will demand a certain outcome, and an inflated ego could get in the way of long term success. Pride is another manifestation to be wary of, especially with high octane energy such as Mars in Leo affecting how we go about getting things done. All this being said; it will be important to curb any outlandish attempts to make life work on your behalf. In order to take advantage of this transit in a way that is effective, we must learn to push forward with more smarts and less force (timely advice for our President as he considers a move in Syria). Luckily, the Sun and Mercury both currently in the sign of Virgo will assist us in keeping a level head.

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Check your horoscopes below to see what’s in store, and be sure to read for your Ascendant sign.

On the day you were born, all of the planets were positioned in the signs of the Zodiac – not just the Sun. To find out more about your full astrological make up, email Tracey for a personal Astrology reading at tracey@randomnessofrudy.com.


Aries: You are BURSTING with ideas surrounding what’s next on your list of accomplishments, and as a result, your inspiration toward creative pursuits, children, and even romance is enhanced. However, with Mars in the sign of Leo, you must be mindful of getting ahead of yourself. I know you genuinely believe that you really can do it all, and right now. But as your Astrologer, it is my duty to remind you that you really can’t. Remember your ‘scope from last week? Due diligence, dear Aries. My new special for September has been announced! Visit www.randomnessofrudy.com to find out “What’s Happening In My Life!”

Horoscopes By Tracey Rogers (September 1st – 7th, 2013) [EXCLUSIVE] was originally published on therussparrmorningshow.com

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