A Detroit woman was caught on tape mooning a store clerk and vandalizing a cell phone store after the clerk refused to refund her son’s phone.

The woman claims that her son’s phone was outdated and broken, but the store clerk argued that her son’s return policy had expired.

She reportedly went on to throw the store’s advertisements around and destroy the bullet-proof glass with a knife.

The clerk plans to press charges.

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5 thoughts on “Woman Moons Cell Phone Store Clerk After He Refuses to Accept Son’s Phone (WATCH)

  1. Have we lost our minds!!! – get angry, okay – destroy property cause you can’t get what you want – what lesson did you teach your son and then the very last insult – who wants to look at your ignorant black ass??? and she didn’t look a bit ashamed as she tried to explain her behavior – Hope she gets a fine and face some jail time – then who’s looking at your stupid behind???

    • Have you seen them on the pawn store show? Maybe the bad economy has them down, but they are being represented in a negative light. That “lady” displayed enough ignorance to last a lifetime. Her son and mom had to be embarrassed.

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