Romeo Miller was involved in a nearly fatal car accident over Labor Day weekend.

While traveling to LAX airport on Friday,  Master P’s son said his vehicle collided with another car. During an interview with TMZ, he revealed that the impact was so hard that both airbags were deployed.

“I’m luckily to be alive to be honest,” the 24-year-old said after leaving a Calabasas hospital. “I could have been gone. I got into a collision, 70 mph, on my side of the car.”

Although most of the damage occurred on the passenger’s side where Romeo was riding, luckily he only suffered from a minor leg injury and “a few bumps and bruises.”

“I walked out like Moses,” he joked. “I walked about basically with just scratches on me.”

“It really put things into perspective,” he added. “It was like movie.”

We are glad to see that the “My Baby” rapper is recovering just fine. Check out the video footage of Romeo discussing the life-threatening incident below.

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