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Tom Joyner and Allstate want you to share your stories of good because there’s enough bad news flooding the headlines.

On Twitter, share your stories of good with the #GiveItUpforGood hashtag and it will be showcased for thousands to see at the Allstate Tom Joyner Family Reunion!

Check out examples of three “Champions of Good” and let us know what you think on Twitter by sharing your thoughts and your stories with the #GiveItUpforGood hashtag.

We can’t wait to see what good you, your friends and family are doing!

Rony Delgarde – Atlanta, GA

Known for his countless acts of community service and commitment to giving back, Rony founded Global Paint for Charity, a non-profit organization that collects leftover paint free of charge and instead of disposing into landfills, consolidates, ships and distributes the unwanted paint to families in developing countries around the world.  To date, the organization has salvaged 80,000 gallons of paint for projects in Kenya, Haiti, Mexico, Honduras, Chile, Dominican Republic and Uganda.

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