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Singer Avant has managed to ride the waves of R&B stardom for 14  years. Despite not being a name as big as some, the Cleveland, Ohio-born crooner who often duets with singer/turned reality diva Keke Wyatt, has put together a solid career. Singer like Tyrese have derided the challenges of being an R&B singer today saying that you have to have a rapper on your records to be successful. Avant doesn’t agree.

“I’ve been blessed for over 14 years and I’ve got no rappers on my records but I totally understand right now radio is dominated by hip hop but I think you should be true to you and true to your find base and also make therapy music for the people. That’s what I do, man,” he told the Tom Joyner Morning Show.

On his latest single “More,” off his latest release, ” Avant says what makes him different from the rest of the R&B pack is the level of detail in his music, especially the love songs.

“It’s the 2013 version of “Making Good Love” when you can get in depth like that – ‘You were at your peak, your knees was weak, sweat was drippin’ all over,’  you gotta get deep into it and make it interesting for the people. That’s what I try to do.”

Check out Avant’s upcoming tour dates here and for more info, head to his official website or to his Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages.