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After Sunday’s raunchy but otherwise mediocre performance, Miley Cyrus has received backlash from fans, the media and even other celebrities including “The View” host Sherri Shepherd.

Shepherd stopped by “The Tonight Show” to talk to Jay Leno about her thoughts on the performance. Leno asked was Cyrus’ appearance “over the top, too much?”

“She goin’ to hell in a twerkin’ hand basket, that girl,” Shepherd said. “When I was growing up, it wasn’t called twerkin’. They got these cute artistic names for it. … That was called a ‘ho move right there.”

Shepherd didn’t speak much on Robin Thicke, who shared the stage with Cyrus in what was called a “Beetlejuice goes to the disco” ensemble. Some viewers felt that his participation was just as disturbing.

Shepherd was, however, excited about her new co-host, Jenny McCarthy, who will join “The View” when it returns next month.

“I think she’s going to get into a lot of trouble,” Shepherd predicted.

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