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Black photographer Bill Jones has captured many of America’s top favorite celebrities past and present on camera. His collection of historical photographs includes 1960’s photos of Muhammad Ali, Bill Cosby, Denzel Washington, Quincy Jones, Whitney Houston and Eddie Murphy, during their time as rising stars. Those who worked around Jones said that he was more than paparazzi because of his manners on the red carpet. He always sends his subjects their photos.

Many of the stars request a photo with Jones as well.

He is praised by actress Ella Joyce, a rising star who was photographed by Jones for her first Jet magazine shoot.

In 1997, Jones was physically attacked while he washed his car by his neighbor, 39-year-old Shai Alkebulan. His attacker beat Jones with a baseball bat. Alkebulan was given life plus 13 years in prison. His motive was unknown. The injuries left Jones in a coma for a month, then paralyzed on his right side. He was determined to hold his camera but with his left hand.  He resumed his work with clients like Jet, Ebony and Sister 2 Sister magazine, the L.A. Watts Times, the Wave and L.A. Focus.

Jones has published a book of his work entitled, “Hollywood in Black: 40 years of Photographs by Bill Jones”.

At 78 years old, Jones is in need of assistance to pay for his medical care. To help him with expenses for an upcoming surgery, a host of celebrities are gathering together to praise the photography legend by holding a fundraiser in Beverly Hills, CA. The fundraiser, which has invited guests to give a donation of $100 per person, will celebrate his 50 years in photography.

(Photo: PRPhotos)

Bill Jones, Photographer to the Stars
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