Icema Gibbs Explains How A Black Woman Helped Launch JetBlue Airlines [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]


How many women, better yet, Black women can say that they helped to launch an airline? #TeamBeautiful knows at least one and her name is Icema Gibbs.

Icema started as a journalism major at Syracuse University, but ended up in aviation. How does one end up in aviation? After calling one of her professors for advice post graduation, he suggested she go into a career she gets to communicate with people. Who knew that aviation would be that job? Icema says she lucked into aviation and applied for a customer service manager at People Express (an airline that many of us have never heard of) and then went on to Continental.

After a few years, she was offered a position to help launch an airline. “It was a calculated risk, but it was all worth it,” Icema claims. After working her way up to Director of Customer Service at Continental’s Newark hub, working directly on international operations. She then accepted the job as Director of JFK Operations for JetBlue. Now the Director of Corporate Responsibility for JetBlue, Icema gets to use her powerful communication skills to give back to the community via outreach. Not only does Icema’s job sound amazing, but it’s fulfilling as well. Check out more interesting details from Icema’s job and get to know how you could walk in her shoes one day!

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