We don’t know what possessed our friends over at to post this video but we are glad that they did! McDonald’s is reportedly coming under fire yet again for how they are making their food. If you have a strong stomach then take a look at the video below. But we warn you…it’s not pretty to see!

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Yeah so what do you think about those little golden brown nuggets now? Are you throwing away your little BBQ dipping sauces or rushing out to get another 20 pack to dip in them? Yum Yum!


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2 thoughts on “Video Hits Net Showing How McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets Are Made [VIDEO]

  1. I’ve had McNuggets….who hasn’t. But it’s nothing but crap. Doesn’t even taste like real meat. And we wonder why there are so many obese children, and adults. We need to get back to cooking at home, and eating lots of fresh (not canned) GREENVEGETABLES AND FRUITS. I SMH when I see so many FAT people. It may not be politically correct….but I call it what it is FAT. Women with arms bigger than my thighs, and men with stomachs looking like they are 6 months pregnant

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