So much for Beyonce‘s pixie cut. She’s already moved on to a new bob style.

In fact, she showed off the new do while doing her thing at the 2013 V Festival held at Highlands Park on Saturday in Chelmsford, England.

As we said, new look comes on the heels of her surprise pixie cut, that made headlines and even surprised her hairstylist.

“Changing hair is like changing lipstick or eye shadow for her,” a Beyonce associate told the Daily Beast. “I think she gets a kick out of how much the press talks about it.’’


One thought on “What Pixie Cut? Beyonce Rocks a New Bob (POLL)

  1. “New bob haircut?” Either it’s a weave or a wig, but in any event, who cares? When she decided to start rocking that pixie cut the other week, I didn’t mind that being news, but just be honest: it wasn’t a cut. She simply removed her wig. If I take off my hat, should that be news?

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