40-year-old Cornell Poyser, an assistant manager at T.J. Maxx, was caught with over $130,000 in merchandise from the popular retail store.

Poyser, who owns his own small shop, Excade Boutique, in Brooklyn, New York, was selling the stolen goods from T.J. Maxx at his store. He was selling the designer handbags and dresses at much cheaper prices than retail prices. For example, Poyser sold $120 Ugg boots for $50 at his shop.

He worked at T.J. Maxx for 5 years. However, after the store did an audit and realized there was product missing, the store videotaped him and caught him stashing the merchandise. They quickly alerted police.

Police nabbed him while he drove around in a van packed with the stolen merchandise. The police seized the $130,000 worth designer wear and he was arrested on the spot.

Poyser was arraigned on charges of possession of stolen property and ordered held at Rikers Island on $20,000 bail.

3 thoughts on “T.J. Maxx Manager Steals Over $130K in Stolen Goods

  1. He could have ordered the products and sold them honestly, or sold a cheaper product, instead of being corrupt. I can’t suffer thieves and liars.
    Now he has lost a decent job and has a record.

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