Dear Tom:

I am writing to request that my godson, Jovan be considered for a very special Christmas wish.  Jovan is four years-old with cerebral palsy (cp), a disorder that affects his muscle tone, movement, and motor skills.   There is no cure for cp, but treatment, therapy and special equipment, can help a child who is living with the condition.

Tom, Jovan is a cheerful, loving, and smart little boy who always greets individuals with a big hug.   Because of his cp, he cannot ride a bicycle like other developing children.  However, there is a pediatric adaptive tricycle, called the amtryke, which is specially designed to increase coordination, improve muscle development and balance, and will enable a little boy like Jovan the chance to experience the fun of riding.

I would like to ask you to make my Christmas wish come true by helping to get Jovan the amtryke therapeutic tricycle, so that he can play and ride like his big brother and other children.

Thank you,

Fred Frazier, Jr. .

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One thought on “Wednesday Christmas Wish: Fred Frazier for his Godson Jovan

  1. cornetia couch on said:

    Tom I listen to you and I just think it is so wonderful the way you and some of the others that have done so much to help others keep up the good work. I wish I could help others but I can,t help myself

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