Caleb Clemmons Georgia

Caleb Clemmons (pictured), a Georgia student, remains imprisoned for a “joke” he made on his Tumblr page earlier this year.

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On February 8th, Clemmons posted the following on his Tumblr page:

hello. my name is irenigg and i plan on shooting up georgia southern. pass this around to see the affect it has. to see if i get arrested.

As it turns out, Clemmons got exactly what he was looking for: Officials, who were reportedly tipped off by an anonymous person, arrested Clemmons a few hours after he posted his comments.

Initially, the case received minimal media attention until a Gawker post brought it to the forefront on Sunday.

Clemmons has remained imprisoned at Bulloch County Jail since his family is unable to pay his $20,000 bail.

As for Clemmons’ motivation, the 20-year-old says he posted the message asΒ ”an experimental literary piece and an art project,”

Of his time incarcerated, Clemmons’ family claims that he has been abused while behind bars, and because of Clemmons’ prior arrests for fighting his step-father and marijuana possession, they worry he will spend even more time locked up.

“Though Caleb might have chosen the wrong time to post a prank, his present punishment and possible fate is beyond my comprehension… Caleb was attending a great school and had a promising future,” his mother reportedly wrote on his page.

Clemmons’ supporters have cited the case of Brett Ball, a Texas teenager who brought a shotgun to school this year and had his felony charge dropped.

Clemmons faces up to five years in prison on charges of making terroristic threats via computer.

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5 thoughts on “Georgia Student Remains Jailed Over Controversial Tumblr Remark

  1. Wildflower,
    I sense you need something to do, so here is a something that is VERY worthwhile and needs immediate attention from everyone; including you.
    Please do Ms. Raynar Johnson and me a favor and forward the following message to as many people as possible:
    August 12, 2013
    Please, Please Help us! In the February 14,2013 Wayne County Newspaper, (Front Page) It tells of the school violations and bullying and harassment my children have suffered in the WCSD, Mississippi. But, it did not mention that the latest of those threats were from the school KKK note. Now, this same girl where two knifes were found on her is back at school and sitting behind my child on their bus. This is not the first racial discrimination . My kids have a right to a safe school environment. The WCSD said they would handle it and they would prosecute and she would not be back on that campus. They would not tell me one court date no notification, just it’s been handled. 911 did not even send an officer at my request the day of. The children are shocked and scared. I beg for justice. I do not know why help for justice is so hard. They are not going back to school until they are represented. This is sad that anyone would think we are okay with this.
    From Raynar Johnson

  2. Wildflower on said:

    Getting abused and beat up in prison is the norm just tell him it’s part of the research. He’s gonna have one hell of a thesis when he puts his work on paper and he don’t have to be worried about plagiarism. Maybe his parents need to hire the attorney the white teen beauty queen hired when she was throwing home made bombs at people and is walking free.

  3. I do not care what someone else did, this kid should have realized that terrorist threats are taken serious. I do not care what the other kid did, this is a senseless act and his Black parents should have told him that the rules are not a one size fits all.
    “An experimental literary piece and an art project” my foot! The article states he has been arrested before this incident.

    • Wildflower on said:

      You have a thing for blacks don’t you? I notice you’ve been on a site geared towards the black community and you’re hear with your stupid remarks because you want our attention. Ok you got it now what? You think we care that white trash has an opinion about blacks? Hardly. If you really want kicks go to Yahoo. That’s where a lot of racist hang out you’ll be right at home. Go on…

      • WildFlower,
        Your comment is laughable. Yes, indeed I DO “have a thing for blacks”, as I am Black.
        Yes, I am HERE (not hear) but I do not want nor need your attention, I just simply wanted to type my opinions about this article. I am Black so therefore, I believe I am equipped to comment on Black issues.
        If it were my son, I would have taught him in the same manner in which my parents taught me: Blacks are held to a higher standard and we are required to do more than those who do not share our skin tone. They (my parents) taught their children that just because someone [White] does something and gets away with it, does not mean that we (Blacks) we be able to do the same.
        Wildflower, I just might be a bigot, but I am hardly racist.
        I sense you need a hug…

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