If you follow Maxwell on Instagram than you know he loves to travel and enjoys sharing pictures of the beautiful women he encounters.

This definitely sounds innocent, but a recent a post of the R&B crooner with Lithuanian beauty Deimante Guobyte caused major backlash from his fans, many of whom questioned why he never shows love to Black women on his profile.

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Here’s what a few of his followers had to say:

Here we go again with the white girls SMH Let’s see some Beautiful African Women”

“Ewww where are the beautiful sisters”

“No hate, but there is a lack of diversity and they are sooooooo skinny. #neverleaveoutyourcorefanbase”

“I’ve been Swallowed that pill.. For a about a month now you will not see him with NO women of color and this girl has her legs wide open?? Oh well to each his own SMH”

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After reading the negative comments, the singer snapped back at naysayers, defending the blonde-haired, blue-eyed model and telling his racist “fans” to “go f**k yourself.”

“Sick of some of you chiming in on my friends and innsulting them with racists comments,” he wrote (typos and all). “You know nothing you assume everything and you should know better and worship is for GOD not me so sit down”

He added, “I don’t give a f**k, I’m putting ever[y] type [of] girl in my Instagram go f**k yourself if you’re a racist a**hole!!!!”

On the next set of pictures Maxwell posted, he used the hashtags #happyloveeverybodyday and #noracismallowed.

The 40-year-old “Pretty Wings” singer is not alone. Check out six other celebs who are down with the swirl here!

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21 thoughts on “Maxwell Swirls It Up With A White Woman & Tells Hating Fans To ‘Go F**k Yourself!’

  1. Maybe if black women stop pretending to be white wearing the weaves,straighting their hair, thinning their noses and give black men a real choice ( you always choose the real thing over the fake) black men will choose their beautiful black women more often.

  2. Ruth O'hara on said:

    How long is it going to take for Afr-Amer Women (and men of courage) to say, ‘I will no longer support the careers of Afr-Amer men who disrespect Afr-Amer women’? What more proof do you need that men like Maxwell are NOT worthy of your money or attention WHAT-SO-EVER!

  3. Maxwell look white himself. I hope he say the same thing the next time he brings out a cd. I hope it will be those white women will be there to keep his career afloat. NOT. Ask Wesley SNipes.

    • I hope the next CD he make is for them as for me, I will NOT be buying it!! Done with him not because of the women he keeps but for his comments!!!

  4. Wildflower on said:

    I’m not mad at my caucasian sisters at all. These bitches be working it. They go after money like no other and I don’t mean working for it. They know black men are weak and they prey on them. Get yours girl! I do know one thing though, black women need to stop picking up the pieces once these parasites have drained the poor black man of his pride dignity and money.

  5. Arnice on said:

    People chose to do what makes them happy even if is at the moment. He is uncomfortable for whatever reason to make such a negative comment which was very unbecoming of him..

  6. I have always been a really big fan of Maxwell. But as a black woman I am offeneded. Because the negative comments were directed towards black women. None of the comments made by the fans were racists…simply an observation of the lack of diversity of the women in his photos. I’m very disappointed.

  7. It’s his life so he can do and say what he wants but as consumers we can make choices on who we are willing to support or not on whatever basis we see fit. Maybe he should consider that before responding in such an offensive manner.

  8. I’m a fan of Maxwell’s work but he obviously has a problem responding to what he perceives as racism in a mature, classy, respectful manner. Definitely not a good look. You can’t let what someone else says take you out of your character in such a vile way. Guess maybe this is a glimpse of the type of person he is.

  9. I tend to have to agree with Debbie. He did not have to be so disrespectful in his response. Plus, I heard that he’s gay anyway, so either way, he is no loss to a true sister.

    • Actually Marlowe, the only one whom I think have any hatred is Maxwell…It is called self-hate. It i9s demonstreated well all over by the men and the black women who want s to be becky.

  10. Debbie on said:

    Shut his ass down yall. Don’t buy the cd, and don’t go to the concerts. Let his blonde hair blue eyed chicks make money for him!!!

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