ATLANTA (AP) — A judge has scheduled an emergency custody hearing requested by Usher‘s ex-wife a day after one of the pair’s sons nearly drowned in a pool at the singer’s Atlanta home.

A lawyer for Tameka Foster Raymond filed the request in Fulton County Superior Court on Tuesday and Judge John J. Goger approved it the same day, scheduling a hearing for Friday. The court filing says the boy “suffered a near-death accident” while left unsupervised in a pool at the Grammy winner’s home.

A lawyer who has previously represented Usher in the custody dispute did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment, and her office said she was scheduled to be in court all week.

Atlanta police have said 5-year-old Usher Raymond V fell to the bottom of the pool and became stuck in the drain on Monday. A housekeeper tried unsuccessfully to free him. A contractor doing work at the home pulled the boy from the pool and performed CPR.

The boy was “conscious, alert and breathing” when emergency medical workers arrived, police said. The boy was in the intensive-care unit of a hospital being treated for his injuries, Tameka Raymond’s court filing says.

Usher Raymond V is one of two sons of Usher and Tameka Raymond, who divorced two years after getting married in 2007. The singer went through a long legal fight with his ex-wife and was awarded primary custody of his two sons last year.

Usher has failed to discuss issues affecting the children with Tameka Raymond and leaves the children with caregivers when he travels around the world for work rather than parenting them himself, Tameka Raymond said in a sworn statement attached to the court filing. It isn’t in the best interests of the children to be left in the care of third-party caregivers, and Tameka Raymond is capable of caring for the children, the statement says. The children have said they’d rather be with her than with caregivers, the statement says.

The near drowning of the singer’s son comes nearly a year after Tameka Raymond’s 11-year-old son, Kile Glover, died after being critically injured in a boating accident. The boy, who was the stepson of Usher, was run over by a personal watercraft on Lake Lanier northeast of Atlanta.

6 thoughts on “Usher’s Ex-Wife Granted Emergency Custody Hearing

  1. Dee Dee on said:

    Thank God the child is alive! Get the pool people to get that drain updated! their should 2 drains that won’t suck children’s hair or trunks holding them to the bottom

  2. She is doing this for reason being she is money hungry and having the kids in her custody is one way to guarantee her a steady money flow

    • lady I’d venture to say that she isn’t any more money hungry than anyone else. Most people want money that will afford them to live a comfortable life. The bigger question is why was he awarded custody to begin with? What issues does she have that would make a judge award custody to him? Most of the time kids are with their mother.

  3. Debbie on said:

    Boy oh boy. His mom said, ‘DON’T MARRY THAT GIRL”. His dumb ass did not listen. I actually thought he would take the kids where ever he went.

    • Yeah (if true) it’s a disappointment if his kids don’t travel with him (most) of the time. He could have a nanny travel with him, and the kids. If they are old enough for school; a home school teacher could travel with them as well. Bottom line is that we are probably only getting half of the story.

    • Sarah on said:

      She must have been pregnant when he married her. They were supposed to get married in The Hamptons and he left her there and she followed him to Atlanta. His mom did tell him not to marry her. He wouldn’t listen. The child was not unattended like she is saying. He does have to work. He might have just left the house and this happened. I hope little man doesn’t have any brain damage. They didn’t take her other kids when the child had the water accident last year and the child died. Does that mean she was negligent?

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