Just two days after Usher Raymond and Tameka Foster‘s son’s near fatal accident, drama is brewing between the former couple.

Monday afternoon Usher and Tameka Foster’s son Usher V suffered an injury during an accident in Usher’s pool at the singer’s Atlanta home.

In response to the near-tragedy, Foster filed legal documents in Fulton County, Georgia requesting an emergency custody hearing for the former couple’s sons Usher V, 5, and Naviyd, 4.

Foster asserts that Usher constantly puts their sons in dangerous environments and she wants custody of the boys.

5-year-old Usher V was stuck under water for minutes after he got his arm stuck in a drain pipe while retrieving a toy. He was being supervised by a relative and a nanny according to reports.

Currently, Usher has full custody of both of his boys.

16 thoughts on “Tameka Foster Files Emergency Documents, Demands Custody of Sons

  1. Sheila on said:

    It is not Usher’s fault that his son’s arm got stuck while he was trying to get a toy in the pool. Tameka just sees this as a way to get the boys back so she can get money from Usher. I keep saying, he shoulda listened to his mother!

  2. Natedogii on said:

    Ok first off glad the kid is ok he was not alone he was being watched as for being a full time parent nergo please bills have to be payed you should try it ! What you hate most a Black man taking care of his kid’s or a mother mad at him for it her not being thier for it ?

  3. Usher’s wife needs to sit her ass down. What if her first son’s dad had sued her for letting his son go without her boating when he died. After going thru that ordeal one would think she was a human being. She is a ugly, malicious and vindictive woman. The kid was not left unattended, someone was in the pool with him. Freak accidents do happen. She should be happy her child is safe.

  4. Wildflower on said:

    It doesn’t matter if you have 10 parents. No human being can keep their eyes on a child or anything constantly. If you are even living a little bit there are opportunity for things to happen so I don’t think it’s either parents fault for either child’s accident.

  5. TODD BRIDGES on said:

    GOLD DIGGER GET SOMEWHERE AND SIT DOWN!!! THAT WAS HER WHOLE MOTIVATION FOR GETTING USHER IN THE FIRST PLACE, AND OF COURSE SHE WAS GONNA GET PREGNANT! Now what she didn’t expect was to loose custody of her meal ticket!!! This was a sad accident, and thank GOD the kid will be ok. But GOLD DIGGER GET SOMEWHERE AND SIT DOWN!!!

  6. trvldiva on said:

    She is a simple gold digging money chaser looking to stay or should I say be back in the lime light, with that same tired song “I’m his baby mama, give me give me give me” grow up. Poor excuse of a mother using her son’s misfortune as a person gain. Why have you not filed for joint custody to be returned to you prior to this incident???? IJS

  7. I hate to say this , but these are the kind of women these money maker look up to. A beloved hearted mother/woman would not stoop this low! It’s sad she’s taking him back to court because the son tried to retrieved a toy in drain while two adults was on board.

  8. b webb on said:

    I wish Usher’s son a speedy recovery. I’m sorry that Tameka is taking this accident and using it for her own gain. I agree with Redbone – where was she when her son Kyle was injured. Surely she can remember how guilty she felt at that time. Accidents happen – there were two adults monitoring this little boy. I hope the courts see this for what it was an accident. Tameka’s court action doesn’t change my low opinion of her – if anything it reinforces it. Good Luck to Usher and his children.

  9. When I heard the news, I had a feeling she was going to fill for custody but She needs to remember, a CHILD DIED in her custody and I am sure Usher’s lawyer is going to bring that in. This was sad event; however, if Usher had someone watching the kid and that person did not do his/her job, that is NOT Usher’s fault.

  10. redbone1954 on said:

    I knew this was coming however remember that she lost her own son to a accident (Kyle Glover) it was not her fault however where was she? There was no mention of where whe was at the time. I would never assume to know who is the better parent and I don’t believe that just because women give birth they are the better parent but the article did say that a nanny and a aunt were present. My prayers are with Usher and Tameka I surely hope that they don’t have another tragedy with a child so sad

  11. Unfortunately, a scary incident like this one can fuel a removal of Usher’ s kids from his custody. Parents, please let this be a lesson to gate your pool and be more OBSERVANT of your kids near a pool (and body of water)!

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