Are we ready to see Bobbi Kristina let loose in the “Celebrity Big Brother” household?

Watching Whitney Houston’s daughter co-mingle with personalities she might not be ready to meet? To say the least, with the antics she has shown us so far, is this a true cause for concern?

According to The Mirror, producers for “Celebrity Big Brother” were eyeing Bobbi for a spot in the house, where viewers can watch her every move. With the show set to return this fall to the UK’s BBC 5, there are whispers that she may have accepted a spot on the cast.

“We have had some madcap contestants over the years, but Bobbi Kristina could be the most controversial yet,” a source close to the show said. “She’s sure to bring in viewers with her bizarre antics, and of course her memories of Whitney.”

Tipsters imply that the iconic daughter  may be expected to really up the antics for greater viewership stating, “Her parents were some of the most notorious hellraisers in music and Bobbi Kristina has had plenty of attention for her own behavior.”

There’s no word on whether Bobbi has signed on for the show from BBC 5, and Bobbi herself has yet to comment on the gossip.

3 thoughts on “Bobbi Kristina Joining Another Reality Show?

  1. SayWhat on said:

    What she really need to do is go back to school and major in finance so she can learn how to manage her money. She should stop trying to become famous.

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