On the latest episode of “R&B Divas: LA,” the girls finally returned from their Vegas trip and were ready to get back to work. It was time to dive into their monologue project and begin rehearsals immediately!

Find out what happened below:

Kelly’s M.I.A

Kelly Price had been super busy in the last few weeks on the show. She had a performance in a different city every week, rehearsals everyday, photo shoots and had to even make time for her family. To top it off, she needed to make time for the big monologue project that she and the girls were working on. The only problem was , the girls were ready to get their careers back on track and wanted to begin rehearsing asap, even if it meant starting without Kelly.  The girls were concerned about Kelly’s busy schedule but Kelly was stern that the one thing that wouldn’t change was her work ethic. She had to make it happen no matter what, even if it meant missing a few important rehearsals for the monologues.

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One thought on “Kelly & Dawn Bring The Drama ‘R&B Divas: LA’ [RECAP]

  1. MiMi D'Vine on said:

    Kelly was a bit out of line… Changed my view about her, really starting to look like Nicci. She still can sing, but personally, I wouldnt want to deal with her on a personal level.

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