RS: Wow.

ES: Wow. And that’s Attorney Crumb, of course the attorney for Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, who worked the case with George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin. So I’m going to go back to the jurors one more time, and I’ll ask this to you the parents of Trayvon Martin; what do you think about the jurors who have spoken out after the trial? Did you feel any compassion for them? Did you – were you angry? What did you feel about the comments that they made after the trial?

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TM: I think that, you know, any time, beginning with the first juror, obviously she had a hidden agenda. With the second juror coming out, it just goes to show, you know, that how far have we come for equal justice? This lady openly admitted that George Zimmerman got away with murder.

ES: Right.

SF: And then …

TM: I mean that is troubling, that is real troubling.

SF: And then when I think about the jury and I think about myself sitting there, I think about things like would I have fought harder for somebody else’s child? I think I would fight harder for somebody else’s child, especially if they were a teenager, especially if they was walking home and they wasn’t committing any crime. I, I would’ve fought harder for her children, or somebody else’s children.

ES: Would you all have felt better about a hung jury? Or would that, I mean, how would that have…

EC: We would’ve gave it another trial.

TM: We …

EC: Go ahead.

TM: Personally I would’ve felt better with a conviction.

ES: Right.

TM: If Trayvon had, had pulled the trigger, Trayvon would’ve got convicted. So I mean a hung jury if they’re not sure enough, we got a chance for another trial, but at the same with the State of Florida, there was, this was an expensive trial. Would the State of Florida had prosecuted it again?

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RS: One of the things, and back to the attorney again, because I try to tackle the legal part. First of all, why was there only six jurors, in most states they have twelve jurors. And then the second part of the question is; do you think it’s fair for somebody to stand trial and there’s not an equally mix of races sitting in the jury pool? And when they said that this is a jury of your peers.

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