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Roland Martin talks with Stephan Labossiere about the “5 Reasons Her Husband Isn’t Getting Any”:

1. Because 2 minutes just isn’t enough.
2. He is getting on her damn nerves.
3. Life is stressing her out.
4. He thinks 4 play is just another song by R.Kelly.
5. He isn’t connecting with her outside the bedroom

To read the full article on this topic visit here.

5 thoughts on “What are the 5 Reasons Husbands Aren’t Getting Any?

  1. the Timekeeper on said:

    Thank you Stephen for the clarification on this post. I have watched, listened and observed most notable relationsjip experts over the past 15 years blame men for every Ill in their relationships. I totally agree with this assesment. At least for the first 12 or 13 years or so. Now it has gotten tired and old. As Jesus said the poor will always be with you. In that spirit , I suupose we are always going to have some sorry men too. However, men are tiired of always being the Raymond in the “Everybody Loves Rayond” skit. Which perpetuates our society. I sincerely appreciate your secondary feedback and you are certainly on to something, so thank you. I also know women who claim to withold sex and are actually doing it elsewhere and holding their husbands emotionally hostage with this camouflage of not knowing how to “manage her feelings. I still find that one a bit of a stretch, but so be it. Just suffice it to say, men are going to start fighting back ( Vehemently So) cause like I said after while it gets old and after all, It is a 2 way street even if IIlanya Vanzant and all of erh disciples dont think so

  2. the Timekeeper on said:

    Yes, I read the article, more to point I listened to the broadcast this morning. Respectfully, you were all over the place in terms of why husbands werent getitng any. While this article is certain to score a few brownie points with the ladies, I believe your words actually perpetuate and enable this behaviour as opposed to helping it. When it coes to gender we need a more even handed approach to these isssues. You keep saying “He” needs to do this, “he” needs to do that, “he” “he” “he.and this one really gets me. He needs to mange her feeliings”??? No, bro, she needs to manage her own feelings. It would probably be easier to manage the New York Yankees than to try and manage a womans feelings. Im sure you meant well and will probably come back at me with a response. However, when we pit men under the bus continually in this manner, it comes from The Pit.

    • Stephan Labossiere on said:

      I understand where you’re coming from but I assure you the article was not written to enable sexual neglect, but to explain why it does occur. In regards to an even handed approach I actually also wrote the article “5 Reasons His Wife Isn’t Getting Any” ( and I had plenty of women take issue with it for some of the same reasons you mentioned. I tend to speak to one gender at a time because the issue many are facing stems from there inability to look themselves in the mirror and embrace what they can improve upon. So it may seem like I’m being bias or unfair when you read one article but if you saw more of my work you would easily see how I address both sides and encourage everybody to take a more positive approach. In regards to managing her feelings, what I am saying is that we should learn how to help our partner when they are in a negative mind state which can get them back on the right track. So learning how to cheer her up, put her mind at ease, etc are examples of “managing her feelings”. That does not absolve her of any responsibility on her end but it is only to a man’s benefit to be more in tune with his woman and learn how to effectively assist in creating more positive energy with his partner. So again I am not trying to throw men under the bus, just like I wasn’t trying to throw women under the bus with the other article. Just pointing out very real contributors to the issue of people getting less than what they desire sexually in a relationship.

  3. the Timekeeper on said:

    Im not sure what rock Roland turned over to find this guy today, be he obviously had no idea what the blank he was talking about!

    • I acknowledge that I didn’t make my points clearly in this segment and stumbled on what I was trying to get out. I should have done better in that regard but I can say with confidence that I do know what I’m talking about. Take a moment to read the article and let me know what you think is inaccurate about it.

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