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Betina Young (pictured), a former license agency clerk with the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV), was sentenced to five years probation and a $3,000 fine for her role in providing fraudulent driver’s licenses to undocumented foreign nationals, according to NBC News.

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The judge also added a quirky punishment: a three-day jail sentence during five Christmases to come. The sentence, known as ”Holbrook Holidays,” is a popular move made famous by Franklin County Court Judge, Michael Holbrook. The unusual punishment is suppose to give individuals time to think about the crimes they’ve committed during a holiday treasured by many.

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In April of last year, Young and co-conspirator, Sekou Kpoto, were indicted on five felony counts of records tampering. Court records indicate that Kpoko was the go-between man who accepted bribes from those seeking either driver’s licenses or state identifications.

After taking said monies, Kpoto would then drive the prospective clients to Young’s office. The 44-year-old woman would then input changes on their records, indicating they had Permanent Resident cards when they in fact did not.

According to authorities, Young fabricated approximately 95 identifications during her seven-year stint as an employee with the Ohio BMV. For her role in the caper, Young was reportedly paid anywhere from $700 to $1,500 per fake ID.

If Young violates her probation, she could go to prison for 15 years.

Bah humbug!

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