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As we reported earlier, ICON MANN, an organization of black men in entertainment hosted its Summer luncheon the same day as the jury acquitted George Zimmerman.

Needless to say, the acquittal put a damper on all the positive things the group had worked on. But out the negative news, one of the luncheon’s participants, actor Omari Hardwick, came up with a poem in honor of Trayvon Martin called “Little Boy Wonder.”

“My belief in us, as the human race, sharing the same planet, motivated me too create ‘Little Boy Wonder,” a dedication to Trayvon Martin,” Hardwick said, in a statement.

Out of the poem came the idea for a dedication video called: “LITTLE BOY WONDER: A Dedication to Trayvon Martin.” The video of corse include Hardwick and a host of other high profile celebes. Hardwick, along with ICON MANN, produced the video. It was directed my Mo McRae.

On Wednesday July 17, Omari filmed the video (directed by Mp alongside Eriq LaSalle, Marlon Wayans (The Heat, G.I. Joe), David Oyelowo (The Butler, Middle of Nowhere), Wren Brown, Sugar Shane Mosely, Bill Duke, Gary Dourdan (ABC’s Mistresses), Jay Ellis (BET’s The Game), Wesley Jonathan, Brian Dobbins, James Lopez (Screen Gems), Pastor Toure, Mo McRae (Ray Donovan, The Butler). “I am thankful to my friends and peers who came and lent their support,” said Omari.

Marlon Wayans, Jay Ellis, Bill Duke, Eriq LaSalle, Gary Dourdan, Sugar Shane Mosely, Wesley Jonathan, David Oyelowo, veteran actor Wren Brown, Robbie Jones, “CSI: Miami” star Omar Benson Miller, Affion Crockett, Aaron D. Spears, and One Church International’s Pastor Toure Roberts all appear in the video.