After seeing the video above, one of the first things that comes to mind is whether Dwyane Wade‘s ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches is homeless or just trying to make the Miami Heat superstar look bad.

The photo of Funches, with a sign saying, among other things that she is an ex-wife of a “Miami Heat star” who’s now “on the street,” was first published on Friday by sports website Deadspin.

If you’ve followed our reports on Wade and Funches’ divorce battles over the last several years, you know it’s been contentious, to say the least, between the two high school sweethearts. They even battled over custody of their two sons and they now live with Wade.

But before that happened, Funches was awarded a $1 million lump sum and $25,000 per month for child support.

Quite frankly Siohvaughn Funches has a rep for acting crazy. During the divorce proceeding, TMZ reported she parted ways with nine attorneys.

Friday’s meltdown comes days after Funches dropped a lawsuit that alleged Wade owed her at least $1 million. The Chicago Tribune reported Funches filed a voluntary dismissal order Tuesday.

13 thoughts on “Is Dwyane Wade’s Ex-Wife Siohvaughn Living On the Street?

  1. Debbie on said:

    This chick needs a damn jobs!!! How the hell do you go thru a million dollars and you have no job? Wade bounces the ball, he takes care of the kids, what the hell does she want?

  2. This is sensationalism at its best. This is a personal issue and should not be handled in the media, so in that regard, I dislike her decisions to publicize it in this manner. It is beyond the time that they handled this situation like adults. I am sure that no one in this matter is blameless. However, I did think their history was interesting.

  3. She has a right to fight against the corrupt and powerfully rich in this injustice system. Fight Siovaughn fight! Let your children know you fought for them all their lives! Never Evah Give Up!

  4. Gabriel Union doesn’t this remind you of “Daddy’s little girls” or perhaps “Daddy’s little boys” in this case.

  5. Stephanie on said:

    Dwayne, you seems like a decent person, be a man and do the right thing, her time with her children is her time. If you are scheduling things during her time with the children, SHAME on you Dwayne, that’s being spiteful, how is that affecting your boys? that seem like something hateful gabby would do

  6. Keisha on said:

    These stories keep saying that this woman is homeless and on the street asking for $$. If anyone takes the time to watch the video, she is doing neither! She is talking about all she wants is time with her kids and that her lawyers were all being paid off by D. Wade. And every time she files a motion or suit against Wade, her lawyers would go behind her back and withdraw it cause he is paying them off.
    She even addresses that when her kids are with her for visitation, he schedules events for them and if she doesn’t turn them over to him ( during her visitation), the judge tells her she won’t ever see them again. She even addressed the std claims and says her lawyer went behind her back and withdrew the claim. It’s sad that $$$ can buy any and everybody. I don’t think she’s crazy, I think money talks and she is being made to look like she’s an unfit mother!

    • Wade has a lot of money, but I don’t think he is at a status where he can pay off nine lawyers enough money to risk losing their license to practice law. That would require more than what he has accumulated. How could he live at his status by giving that much money away? It would be cheaper to let her have the kids. It’s not feasible financially.

  7. Rita on said:

    i just wonder if this is someone looking for the next reality show? I mean, the rant and public display is really not necessary. There is a reason these judges kepp ruling against her. Also, what happened to the 1 million dollars and 25k monthly? Knowing that your money train is about to take off, one should stow away some money and tone down the lavish lifestyle.

  8. redbone1954 on said:

    This is sad I feel bad for her does she ned some sort of mental help I wonder?. Are her parents able to assist her with what is going on? I hate that her children might be exposed to this mess I wish someone could reach out to her WOW

  9. TruLuv on said:

    And you men wonder why we don’t want you. Don’t know why some women hold themselves down by sleeping with men. Only another woman will know how to treat you right.. Men are worthless. We don’t even need your sperm anymore..

    • Tired of the The Men Made Me Do It Theory on said:

      Pick a theory. Either you were born that way, or men made you do it. Stop it, already. This article is about a lady whose parents need to get her some mental help. Who goes through nine lawyers for one case, unless they have a mental problem? This lady is not considering how this will embarrass her children. She needs to hold her head up and have some dignity. That’s being a WOMAN.

      I know of three students who lost their parents after she was shot by her girlfriend. Both sexes have issues. Also trust, without sperm the human race would die off. That’s Biology 101.

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