Split Screen of Beyonce & rihanna


Rihanna better fix up and look sharp at her next tour stop because she caught major heat from her fans in Gdynia, Poland. After waiting for an hour, Rihanna fans became restless and highly upset. Once Rih Rih hit the stage, her fans met her with chants of Beyonce‘s name.

Some people took their frustrations to Twitter. One person tweeted, “Will you get on the stage at last? 50 minutes late is a complete lack of respect to the people who came to listen to you.” While it’s true that Rihanna being late is highly disrespectful to the people who paid their money to see her, as her fans, they should have known home girl is usually late top her performances. Another person echoed my sentiments on Twitter, “Don’t understand those people being disappointed with Rihanna being late on stage- she was late EVERY time, should have been prepared 4 it!”

I so wish there was video of this occurring. You know Rihanna isn’t scared to cuss a fan out, so I wonder how she reacted.



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3 thoughts on “Fans Chant For Beyonce At Rihanna Concert

  1. stephanie on said:

    what you said, kevin higgins! these younger people (who have not earned their status), kill me with this “late” crap. that’s why they will never have to worry about me spending my money or my time to go and see them. beyonce is a true professional and everytime i’ve seen her, the show started on time and she gives you your money’s worth in entertainment. go somewhere and sit down ri-ri!

  2. Now we will start to see the difference of who cares for their fans and who are out just for the money. In all my years of concert-going, I’ve found the big major stars (especially from old school) always start on time and the others don’t. No fan should ever have to wait an hour for a performance for a person who really can’t sing. Rihanna should take notes from Beyonce’, Gladys Knight, or even Diana Ross, to appreciate their fans.

  3. Carl01 on said:

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