According to, Paris Jackson will be kept from the public eye until the end of the wrongful death trial of her father, Michael Jackson.

Since Paris’ suicide attempt last month, she hasn’t been seen publicly and those close to her want to keep it that way.

Jackson has been at UCLA Medical Center for weeks under doctors’ care where she is receiving psychiatric evaluation. Sources tell Radar Online that the seclusion is a means to protect Paris from being subjected to headlines about her father while the trial is taking place. New child molestation cases are underway from choreographer Wade Robson, who claims to have been violated by Paris’ father when he was seven years old.

“Paris is doing better, and her doctors at UCLA are still researching where she should go after being discharged. It’s being recommended by her docs that she remain in treatment, and in a safe, controlled environment until the end of the wrongful death lawsuit…,” the source says. “It’s a no brainer that Paris not have access to the Internet, cellphones, and social media during the trial, since the horrific stuff she was reading about her dad pushed the teenager over the edge.”

It was reported that some rehab facilities refused to admit Paris in order to avoid the barrage of paparazzi attention, but Radar Online’s insider shut that rumor down.

The trial is expected to last until August.

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