Comedian D.L. Hughley gives us his 2 cents on the George Zimmerman trial including his take on Zimmerman’s weight and the funnyman admits his hate for Zimmerman. Plus, the comedy king talks about Paula Deen’s money woes, Mark O’Mara’s lips and Sybrina Fulton’s strength.

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6 thoughts on “‘Who Knew the N- Word Was So Expensive…Paula Deen is Paying Back Reparations by Herself’- HUGHLEY

  1. Hey! I just discovered your web page: D.L. Hughley on the George
    Zimmerman Trial, Paula Deen & More | Black America Web when I was exploring reddit.
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  2. About the Zimmerman’s case ! โ€œHow come, a mindful society like the American people in this so clear period, still accept an armed individual is presently allowed to kill an exposed human being just by judging her/his skin color! All through, the official main quarter said to the murder let Trayvan alone; Are the eyes at rest more moral than mind? Peace again to Martinโ€™soul !โ€

  3. According our awareness and of course the history, we must know as well as Paula herself should irrefutably know the cost of that dynamic word. Therefore, it really seems to be deeply true that racism is a kind of sickness which cannot be cured than by the time or by a well-built culture as well an adequate area might succeed the existing psyco help that request both sides of that feeling then life itself forewarning…

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