NEW YORK (AP) — Paula Deen says that anyone who’s never sinned should pick up a rock and throw it at her.

The celebrity chef dissolved into tears during a “Today” show interview Wednesday, trying to explain she wasn’t a racist despite saying in a legal deposition that she’s used racial slurs in the past.

Deen told “Today” host Matt Lauer that if there’s anyone in the audience who’s never said anything they regretted to “please take up that stone and throw it as hard as they can and kill me.”

She urged her fans not to boycott the Food Network, which dropped her last week, but said she wouldn’t have fired someone in the same position

6 thoughts on “Paula Deen’s ‘Today’ Appearance Ends in Tears; Do You Forgive Her?

  1. Wake up Black people. There are more important issues that need to be attended to in the Black community than Paula Deen. How about HIGH UNEMPLOYEMNT, and our BROTHERS KILLING EACH OTHER everyday. These are the really important things that we shouldn’t be ignoring.

    • To think that she is making an empire off our recipes, inviting Black Americans on her show to put a spin on their recipes give me a break, she is crying because of the domino affect and how much her lifestyle may change for her and her family, the southern ideology she wants to keep doing and thinking and apologizing for and then behind closed doors the same ideas are presented with her friends and associates, it is out in the open, I will never watch the food network if they let her back on and many Black Americans will not this is a slap in our faces, being older and more mature, it hurts to the core to have been watching someone who thinks this way, and thinking times have changed no they have not change but we as blacks are less tolerate and more educated and know our rights and how to go about getting them.

  2. Her fans have a mind of their own and they were already determined to boycott the Food Network. She cried on the Today show, so what! Jimmy Swaggart cried on television too. His ministry is a mere shadow of what it was. The outcome of this court case will decide whether Paula Deen’s food empire is still intact. What can one use to measure whether she could make a comeback other than Martha Stewart….but would that really be a fair comparison? Only the reader can decide. Paula’s suppliers might hope for a positive outcome lest they be stuck with merchandise of hers, they couldn’t even give away at a yard sale.

  3. Renee on said:

    We know how Paula’s type is…..and we ALL say or have said the “N” word…even if it’s just among our fam and friends Afro-American coloceoism is are what they are. Not to excuse any of it however, it will always be apart of who we are as a society….real simple people, just like a lot of other things we don’t like.

  4. Does anyone remember when Isaiah Washington made negative comments about one of his case mates on Grey’s Anatomy? He lost his job and honestly, we haven’t really seen him in much since then. Pretty much destroyed his reputation in Hollywood, didn’t it? So, with that in mind, yes, Paula should have lost her show. She chose to be a public figure and that’s the risk you take when you make that decision.
    One last comment. I happened to be in Savannah this past weekend and people were still lined up around the corner to get into “The Lady and Sons” (Her restaurant in the historic downtown district.) and there were plenty of Black folks in the line. I suspect in the long run, she will be just fine…

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