Five white women and one Latina.

They comprise the jury that will determine whether Trayvon Martin gets justice. I predict that he won’t. I guarantee you that at least one, possibly all, of those white women has, at some time, given a black man what I call “The Look.”

And you brothers know the look I’m talking about.

We get it. We’ve gotten it for years. Sometimes it’s from white men. More often than not, it’s from white women.

Oh, white guys like Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the nut jobs that killed three and maimed hundreds in the Boston Marathon bombing, NEVER get “The Look.”

My guess is that Adam Lanza, the nut job that looked every bit the nut job long before he murdered 20 kids and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., never ONCE got “The Look.”

James Eagan Holmes is another white guy that looks every bit the nut job. He’s accused of murdering 12 people and wounding nearly 60 at a Colorado theater in 2012.

Think Holmes ever got “The Look” from a white gal?

Rounding out the “nutty-looking white guy” trio is one Jared Loughner, who pleaded guilty to the 2011 Tucson, Ariz., shootings that left six dead and 12 wounded, including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

You can bet Loughner never got “The Look” either.

All those guys – Lanza, Holmes and Loughner – should have gotten “The Look.” But had they walked anywhere near those five white women that will decide George Zimmerman’s fate, they wouldn’t have gotten it.

But would Trayvon Martin?

I wish I had that proverbial dollar for every time a white woman has given me “The Look.” I’d have quite a stash of cash by now. Just what is “The Look”?

Brothers know it well. It comes when we’re usually minding our own business, like walking down the street or waiting for a bus.

Then the white person, usually a woman, happens along. If she’s carrying a purse, she clutches it tighter.

Her eyes fill with terror as she gives you “The Look,” the one that says she knows you’re a menace to society out to do her some kind of harm.

If the brother’s at a bus stop and the white woman is in a car, she’ll give him “The Look” and then lock her car door if it’s unlocked.

I call that one “The Look” and “The Click.”

I still remember the most egregious incident where I got “The Look.” I was standing in the parking lot of an upscale, yuppyish shopping center talking to a brother I know named Kevin Shird.

Shird is in his early 40s. I’m in my early 60s. We’re each way past the age where males of any age are known to cause criminal mayhem.

So we’re standing there, talking about things that were our business, minding our own business, when a white woman got out of her car and headed into one of the stores.

Sure enough, she gave us “The Look.”

It was BROAD DAYLIGHT. Had we any intentions of doing anything to her, there were plenty of witnesses that could have phoned police and identified us.

This white woman not only thought we were a menace, but also very stupid black men as well.

Are the white women on the George Zimmerman jury anything like the one I saw on that parking lot? If they are, there’s no way Zimmerman will be convicted.

According to a Washington Times news story, the all-female jury supposedly favors the state, not the defense. At least that’s how a Florida defense lawyer who’s also a former prosecutor sees it.

“With the jury being all women,” said Elizabeth Parker, “ the defense may have a difficult time having the jurors truly understand their defense, that George Zimmerman was truly in fear for his life. Women are gentler than men by nature and don’t have the instinct to confront trouble head-on.”

OK, sounds kind of sexist to me. But Parker wasn’t quite done. According to the news story, “she also implied that women can be more emotionally influenced than men are.” And then there’s this direct quote from Parker:

“Trayvon Martin’s mother and father will be sitting in the courtroom, and these jurors will see them every day, knowing that their son was shot and killed, knowing that the decision rests in their hands.”

Everything Parker says might be true.

Unless, of course, one or more of those jurors has ever given a black man “The Look.”

(Photo: AP)

32 thoughts on “‘The Look’: A Black Man’s Theory on the Zimmerman Jurors

  1. No one owes you anything just because you are black. You weren’t a slave and chances are neither were your grandparents or great grandparents. Yes I’m white and sure you can scream at me and say I’m racist for saying what I say, but that’s what I expect. I ask you to educate yourselves and learn the law. I love everyone despite color, creed, and belief. I know what it’s like to live in poverty it sucks and no one is on your side. Usually no one cares and especially with the way our economy is now we need to stand up for each other. The whole Zimmerman trial was a joke and honestly if you view the evidence it should have never went to trial. It was a waste of time and tax payers money. I highly doubt it would even win under a civil court. I pray for everyone and just remember we all face judgement one day. I know our justice system is corrupt, as is our entire government and federal reserve. We live in an illusion we are free, but we are not free. We are now slaves to the 1% that controls the money. If you are mad or offended I apologize to you, but just remember judgement shall fall upon each and everyone of us.

  2. jo-jo on said:

    This should be a wake up for black men to stop killing each other. The judicial system doesn’t care anything about black men because they don’t. Everyone that was involve in that non-guilty verdict is going to have to answer to God. Do they know about Karma and how it can destroy you or someone close to you? Dead people know that fat f——– killed that young boy in cold blood. I pray that whole bunch rot in hell.

    • majestic on said:

      It’s seems you are trying to separate black men from black women as If the system really cared about black women

      Take a good look at your local prisons and see If you don’t outnumber your counterparts 10-1

  3. brown on said:

    He will get off with it. The only reason they charged them was to say he was aquited by a jury of his peers. Someone needs to cut Florida away from the USA and let it float to Cuba….Happy 4th,
    Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas Castro

  4. Naomi Ackles on said:

    How do you know when you get the look if you are not looking? On average, do you get more of the ‘look’ are ‘that look’? So many Black Men are waiting for validation from White Women. So many White people believe Black Men are intriged by Whites. If would be interesting to find out how many men who say they get the look have intimate relationships with White Women. Why else would you be so concerned about how someone looks at you. It can’t be both ways. Some women are going to give the ‘look’ and some are going to give ‘that look’. If you waited to see which look you get then that is up to you. I am a Black Women and I don’t give one d##b how someone looks at me. I am GOD’S CHILD, it doesn’t get any better. For you Black Men who say you prefer white or light skin, that is your choice. But don’t stand around and wait to see if the response you get is one you should be proud of or you should complain about. And what does the ‘look’ have to do with Justice for Trayvon’s Parents and all those who loved him. Stay focused on the issue. That is why we have so many problems. Deal with the ‘look on your own time. Now we need to focus on justice for our people.

    • majestic on said:

      “So many Black Men are waiting for validation from White Women”

      I doubt If any black man is waiting for a validation from a white woman when most white women (at least the ones I know) make themselves available to black men.

  5. anthony on said:

    The same can be said for a group of black guys loitering on a corner with no ?. TRAVON was a suspicious person and should have been followed as a suspecious criminal. which he was. George is not guilty of murder.

  6. Michelle Savage on said:

    Those white women shouldn’t have been picked without aleast one Black Women and on Hispanic Women. There will be bias because of the Subject anytime a Black person is involved the only sympathy comes from its on race, why because it human nature that’s all to it!!!

  7. You should get something straight, you generalizing whites is what is known as stereotyping. If you are worried about some kind of “look” dress yourself like a respectable man. If you present like a man and act like a man the only look you will get is from racist and who cares what a racist thinks?

  8. George on said:

    The reason white women were picked is that they are the least likely to ask for the death penalty. It has nothing to do with, “rascism”. Guaranteed. The defense won the jury selection. Otherwise it would have been filled with more men of any race. Men are more pro death penalty, on average. .

    • SHARON WADE on said:


  9. 55th st silverbacks on said:

    i am a tall dark skinned man and i just so happen to work in one of the richest suburbs in america. “the look” is common place and at 45 years of age it still has a negative affect on my spirit. i know for a fact it exsists and our young black men have no idea why there are angry inside, and we offer no insight to them. the anger that builds is seen on our streets. the biggest issue our youth have is battles from within. i am chicago.

  10. Kelly on said:

    As a middle aged white woman, I am quite disheartened and offended by such stereotyping. I usually “look” at most people that I pass on the street. I’m not making assumptions that they are dangerous. When I first heard the Treyvon Martin story, I was horrified. As the mother of a 15 year old son, I can’t imagine the pain that Trevon’s parents felt over his senseless killing. Black men don’t scare me but neighborhood vigilantes with gun certainly do.

  11. Uncle G on said:

    Brother Gregory Kane. I know exactly what you are talking about. Us Black males get it everyday in America. Sometimes, it is that haughty, judgemental “look” of disdainful superiority coming from white males that infuriates me the most. The “look” that says, “I am far better than you because you are Black” really ticks me off. Although I a very good at self-control and temperment around these types of whites, I am always ready to explode with rage. And I guess the “look” on my face tells them that this is one Black man who is feeling quite hostile. I “wish” one of them would get out of line. But, it never happens because they are basically cowards until they think they have you out-numbered.
    And they are not ready to mess with a big Black angry man like myself.

    • 55th st silverbacks on said:

      UNCLE G , it is that anger that builds inside as a adult male u have the mental tools to deal , imagine how the same pressure is dealt with in a young mind with nothing but negitives to source and no tools to address what they do not realize is there. we lash out at eachother ,i speak with the youth and try to address the issue with historical facts to arm them with something other than a gun.

  12. Chuck on said:

    Both sides had to accept the jury pool. I believe they will deliver a just verdict based on the evidence. If they judge the evidence on their own life experiences instead of the law, who knows. Either way, one side will be happy and the other side won’t.

  13. Linda on said:

    This is the modern day Emmett Till case all over again.
    That young man nor his mother never received justice!

    Having an all-white woman jury will deny Trayvon Martin and his parents JUSTICE also!!!!

    • SHARON WADE on said:


  14. Natedogii on said:

    When I get the look I smile at them tell them have a nice day! You can see the relief in their eyes! Oh and Zimmerman is nothing but a cold blooded want to be a cop…………… KILLER!

  15. Jake Slat on said:

    Sanford, FL. has a large number of African American citizens, this jury is not reflective of the community, that’s why there is so much suspicion concerning the fairness of this jury because it is not reflective of the community. I don’t believe that a female all white (one latina) jury can objectively reach a just verdict in this case. Polls indicate most feelings of guilt or innocence are divide among racial lines. This means that this jury gives Zimmerman a great advantage. Remember he wasn’t even charged until a month later after all of the protest this murder produced.

  16. Will Trayvon get justice, I doubt it. A 90% white women jury. I have known white women who really believe that all black me want to jump their bones 100% of the time. They are frightened and some frightened and intrigued by this. But I know that look as a black female. It comes from white women and black men. It’s the you are a non-entity look. So justice, just depends on how far down the food chain you are and black men are just on top of the bottom of the totem pole. Black women being on the bottom. Black men will be allowed to pretend they are not at that position if they have something of value that the white person wants. Trayvon’s case should wake some brothers up, but it won’t. With every recording or sports contract, another black man can live out his fantasy. Or what he thinks makes him a more suitable black man. That’s why white women are afraid of them. They are the black man’s fantasy.

  17. I am so disheartened by this jury selection; the arrogant “old white woman perch” of zimmerman’s lips and where the direction of the prosecution. It’s like zimmerman’s been told “you’ll have to go through this to appease “them”… but in the end you’ll be coming home.” This trial and his guilt should center around three points that will prove profiling.. 1) Why did he follow Trayvon when he was trained NOT to; 2) Why did he follow Trayvon when he was told NOT to; 3) Why was he carrying a gun if he was on his way to Target to by lunch meat!

  18. Lisa G. on said:

    My husband got the look and purse clutch from white women in the mall when we lived in Mississippi – while he was walking with me and our toddler son!! He has since told me the only time he did not feel under scrutiny was when we visited Toronto – Canadians did not react the same as Americans at all.

  19. Jake Slat on said:

    How can you relate to someone being racial profiled if you have never experienced it yourself? This entire situation was instigated by Zimmerman racially profiling Trayvon Martin. Can this jury relate? I don’t think so, but I hope that I’m wrong.

  20. Powers on said:

    I’m calling BS on The Look. As a Darkskinned brother the looks I’ve more often gotten from white was the Hmmm and the Mmmm. I hope Trayvon gets justice.

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