More and more it’s looking like Deanna Gines is full of you-know-what.

A shady looking Gines is accusing Chris Brown of shoving her to the ground after an event where he was a performer at the Heat Ultra Lounge in Anaheim, California over the weekend.

Now the owner of the club is getting’ in it. He says that Brown never touched her. Here’s what he told TMZ:

“Based on the information which we have gathered from our security company, mall security, and other party goers which were at HEAT on Saturday night; It is apparent that the alleged incident regarding Chris Brown is false.”

In fact, the owner says Gines, 24, had repeatedly tried to jump on stage during Chris Brown’s performance at the club and later tried to rush the singer in his roped-off VIP area.

The club owner says Gines got tossed as a result of her behavior and while being taken out, the owner says Gines took off her heels and threw them at security.

The police were called to arrest Gines, but eventually they let her go home with her friends.

Based on what the club owner is saying, Gines may have suffered her injuries from his staff doing what they had to do in putting her out.

“Heat staff and security did what they had to do … [Chris] was a complete gentleman.”

Watch below as an evasive Deanna Gines speaks to “TMZ Live” about the incident. As you will hear/see, something, no, just about everything says doesn’t add up. We doubt Chris will need his lawyer to deal with this ’cause it sure looks like it’s not going anywhere.

3 thoughts on “Chris Brown’s Accuser’s Story Doesn’t Add Up; Club Owner Says She’s Lying

  1. I kinda though something was wonky about this story when it was first reported that Hoodrat Gines was beaten so badly that she may have to have stitches at the top of the story, and then somewhere in the middle it said she was shoved to the ground. Biiiiiig difference between a sever beating and being shoved. I’m not a CB fan, but he does enough damage to himself without having publicity seeking money hungry hoodrats lobbing stupid accusations his way.

    • Debbie on said:

      Yep. These stars are going to have to learn to fight for themselves and not just brush it off. He also needs to stay out of the clubs!!!

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