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black-natural-hairThe Lorain Horizon Science Academy in Ohio recently released a letter to students’ parents about their dress code and the new restrictions their students face. Personal appearance at school as always been a slippery slope. While you don’t want students to feel they cannot express themselves, you also have to lay down ground rules as to not cause too many disturbances among students in regards to the clothes they where and how their personal style shines through.

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I certainly agree with a lot of the stipulations they have laid out, but once my eyes landed on these bullet points, I was immediately taken aback.Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 3.54.16 PM No one can bleach or dye their hair and not only that, but the Black girls in the school are not allowed to wear their hair natural or in braided style that are extremely popular in our culture. Oh and if that’s not not bad enough, the Black girls have no other options for styling their hair, as the school has also banned clip on hair and attachments. So does that mean weaves, wigs and extensions are banned too?!

While one of the rules is specified to be for boys only, the rules against attachments, braids and afros doesn’t say it’s specifically for boys.

Check out the letter below (Thanks To Black Girl On Hair for the screenshots):


What do you think about this very specific dress code?

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3 thoughts on “Wait, What?! Ohio School Bans Afro Puff & Braids!

  1. If you were militant like my mom was, you would certainly not take such a decision lying down. You would get up the next morning and not only style both your daughters in afro puffs, you would fashion two makeshift afro puff balls to your sons as well. They would all be dressed in black pants with mini Black Panther t-shirts and sunglasses.

    And although my mom would not condone kids with cell phones, she would temporarily purchase three cell phone with ring tones of “The Lady of Rage” — “I rock rough and stuff with my Afro Puffs” — to strategically go off when she dialed our numbers after getting the inevitable call from the principal’s office.

  2. Lovely! It’s like asking my handsomely bold husband to grow hair on demand. I am starting to agree with my beloved Grandpa: stupidity should hurt! We might have a more logical set of rules for that school.

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