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Teachers have it rough. They get three months off every year, but they have to be in to work at 7 in the morning, babysit some of the rowdiest kids ever and then they get to go home and grade papers.

Walter Duncan has been a classroom teacher for 14 years (which probably qualifies him for sainthood). And every day, as he sat at his table and graded his students’ papers, he probably thought to himself that there had to be a better way.

Now, Walter may just have done it. He’s started a kickstarter campaign for a phone app that helps him grade papers in seconds. Not hours. Not minutes. Seconds.

Imagine all the hours of grading that can be avoided with a teacher just picking up their smartphone right after a test and evaluating their students’ efforts? Amazing.

Sorry English teachers. You still have to do all the reading since there’s no app for that…yet.

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